The King of Cats – Complete Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Achievement Scouts!

Achievement Walkthrough


  • Start
  • Any option x4
  • Hang on the railing over the ocean.

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

  • You led Val to a drowning at sea.
  • Save #1
  • Random: Pick correct option to advance to next scene. Check below for dialogue after correct/wrong choice.
  • Correct: An uneasy feeling strikes Jean as she approaches the open cargo door.
  • Wrong: There’s nothing here.
  • Scroll up if you pick a wrong choice.
  • Win the QTE by clicking the tiger.
  • Any option.

Clever Girl

  • The protagonists survived.
  • Load #1
  • Pick wrong option several times or fail the QTE.

Too Bad, Buddy

  • You got the protagonists killed.

Maximum Death

  • You got as many people killed as possible.

Important note

UPD. There is a bug with Maximum Death achievement. So you need to include this step for Choice #3:

  • Choose First Mate Florian Cruz
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