The King’s Bird – Escape Artist Exploit

Escape Artist achievement done easy.

The Easy Way

Feeling like beating the Fallen Kingdom in under 10 minutes is too hard of a task? Worry not! Just go to the leaderboard and watch a replay of somebody who completed the level in under 10 minutes, and the achievement is yours! Feels a little bit like cheating, though.

Advice for Beating The Challenge Fair and Square

I tried beating The Fallen Kingdom at least 3 times, and I think it’s a lot of fun! For those of you who share the same mindset, here are some tips to help you on your journey:

  1. FPS can be a huge issue, even despite a fact that it’s a 2d platformer. To get a better framerate, I turned off the bloom in Options ~> Video and brought Simulated Effects Quality to a minimum. Also, try fiddling with Frame Skipping in the same section, find whichever setting is more comfortable to you. I like to keep it on 2.
  2. It seems that you can buffer inputs. If you hold RT, your bird will automatically push along the wall the moment she makes contact with it. Same goes for holding LT: if you do it, your bird will start soaring the moment she breaks contact with a wall she held to.
  3. The direciton in which your bird will fly/jump depends greatly on the direction in which you hold your Left Joystick. It took me way too much time to realise how importaint it was to keep control of my left thumb when I tried performing different stunts I saw in replays.
  4. The importaint thing is, you do not only control your bird mid-flight with it, you also control the direction she will jump when she jumps/slides off the wall, including vertical walls and ceilings. If you hold your Left Joystick up when she pushes off a ceiling, she will fly almost directly up after she breaks contact with its surface.
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