The Last Craftsman – Beginner Tips

A lot of people have had trouble with the start of the game, particularly with unlocking fishing. So here are some.

Tips for Newbies

How do you get a fish without catching it?

  • There are multiple different ways to complete this quest early in the game. Once you’ve unlocked research, you can get the Campfire, then use that to cook some food items, and trade those for a cooked fish at the bi-weekly potluck (Tues and Thurs). You can also repair the food stall and Ryan will sell a fish item on Fridays. Or the simplest way is to purchase the Squanto 1 mod from Beck’s Tech and gather items until you find a fish.

How do you unlock the ruins?

  • On the 9th day of Spring, a quest will automatically begin when you wake up.

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