The Last of Us Part I – Perfomance Boost Tip

How to boost performance instantly in The Last of Us.

Tip to Boost Perfomance


The tip is a bit more complicated, but will ultimately help out more than anything else so far. To really do this, you have to understand the issue the game faced. The game was shipping with an Oodle Decompiler, specifically version 2.9.6. This version is two-years outdated, and has a memory leak – causing performance issues, instability, longer shader cache time, etc. In order to remedy this you must either:

  • Have access to a legitimate copy of ODL 2.9.5 or higher.
  • Or obtain an illegitimate copy of ODL 2.9.5 or higher.

The easiest ways to obtain a copy of the ODL file necessary for the performance patch is via the games Warframe or Destiny 2.

Once you have downloaded one of these games, use the same method in TIP #1 to open the launch options menu. Then, open the Local Files menu and click on Browse for either of those two times. You should be able to find a file called “oo2core_9_win64.dll”. After you find this file, copy the file itself, and paste it in the file location folder for The Last of Us Part I. This is another fix that should easily boost performance, loading times, and end up boosting shader cache times.

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  1. Same, i don’t experience any issues with the game itself besides on occasion mouse stutter. Controller seems perfectly fine and the mouse stutter isn’t even all that bad.

  2. dont really have any problems with the game aside the annoying mouse stutter, controler is smooth tho.

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