The Last of Us Part I – Tips to Fix Crashes

How to Fix

My Current Specs:

  • I9 12000k (Water Cooled)
  • RTX 3090Ti
  • 32gb DDR5
  • Asus Rog Mobo
  • 1200W platinum PSU

This happened when Hogwarts Legacy was released as well. Game kept crashing on shader launch and in game.

I resolved all my issues by doing this for TLoU Part 1 on PC:

  1. Reinstalled nvidia driver to FORCE a new shader install (my shaders were installed within the first few minutes of game release, reinstalling shaders seems to have fixed a lot of issues)
  2. If you are crashing on shader load, put your power setting to “low power mode” (this can be turned back to a different power mode once the initial shader load has occurred). on the .exe run the game as admin, also in properties on the .exe launcher make sure to check the box “disable fullscreen optimizations”.
  3. FSR seems to work better then DLSS.

The above steps allowed me to play the game on ultra graphics with minor issues now where prior to the above steps I was crashing every 5 to 15 minutes.

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