The Last One Month – Comprehensive Guide to Actions and Menus

In The Last One Month Game Lobby, there are game hints for the accessible menus and activities.

Actions and Menus Guide

Talents and Item Specialization

When your account level reaches 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, you can access Item specialized features.

You must select one of two item specialities to improve the efficacy of consumable goods. Please keep in mind that each category can only have one enhanced consumable. You may have to pick between boosting a healing potion or a huge healing part, for example.

When your account level reaches 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, you can unlock Talents.

Players’ Talents can be thought of as a passive talent. It is tied to your account, regardless of the class you choose to play in the world. The majority of the skills aren’t directly relevant to fighting, but they can help you prepare better. It would be difficult, for example, to recruit a Friendly NPC if you were in the aggressive alignment. You could use your Talent points to improve your odds in these situations.

These Item Specialization and Talents allow you to develop your own play style and strategy as your account level grows.

Alignment System

In the lobby, go to Statistics > General Information to view your alignment. Your alignment shifts as a result of your actions.

Your gameplay style is represented by the color of your character’s name. It signifies your alignment is close to Aggressive if it’s close to red. Your alignment is close to Friendly if it is blue.

If you encounter a player with a red color name, you might expect them to be aggressive. If your level, gear, and the number and grade of NPCs are comparable to theirs, we recommend keeping a safe distance.

System of Alliance

You can avoid user battles by forming alliances and forming a force to protect yourself.

If you form or join an alliance, you receive Friendly alignment.

If there is only one player left in the alliance, it will instantly break. It can happen as a result of a player’s death, withdrawal, or the transfer of an alliance member. When an alliance is no longer active, the things in the alliance bag will be placed in a box near the last surviving player’s position.

  • When you’re in an alliance, you can use the Alliance Call to request assistance from your teammates during PVP battles.
  • You can join your alliance member’s PVP battles and assist them by intruding.
  • The amount of invasions you can perform per combat is restricted to three. When an intruder dies in fight, he is resurrected with a tiny amount of health restored. Please bear in mind that Intrusion can only be utilized against other players in user-to-user conflicts and not against NPCs.

A horn can be used to quickly move to your alliance members. You can use it to aid other members who are being assaulted or to flee when being pursued by other opponents.

One of the best aspects of the alliance system is the ability to organize a group to defend against an attack by a higher-level player with better gear and NPCs. To help each other, you can share your stuff and NPCs with your alliance member.

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