The Lord of the Rings Online – Copying Game Files to a New PC

I found a way to copy the game files to a new PC and have the game work! No downloading the game all over again due to the C++ files missing creating issues. If you have rural internet like me and can’t stand a repeat long download or are simply infuriated things don’t just work this will should hopefully help. It was rather easy and fast to do.

Copying to a Different PC

So i want to say I have not tested this multiple times over nor have I had anyone else do this to see if it worked for them. I am ASSUMING this can be replicated as I believe this is a simple case of creating some files that are required to launch the game.

  • 1 – Start by downloading the installation file for LOTRO from the games own website. You are going to need it since it will create the files you need to play the game. Unfortunately it seems the Steam version of the game does not understand it needs to start a first time install when being moved to another PC.
  • 2 – Run the installer so the it creates the StandingStoneGames folder with The Lord of The Rings Online game folder inside it. Once this is done go check to see that it has actually been created and close the installer. If it starts to download files for the game before closing it makes no difference. Just pause the download and exit the launcher either way.
  • 3 – Take your Steam copy of the game that you have on your USB or what ever and place The Lord of The Rings Online game folder inside the StandingStoneGames folder that was just created. Like I said in step 2 there should already be a copy of The Lord of The Rings Online game folder that was created by the standalone launcher. DO NOT COPY OVER any of the files that are already in it. Skip those files and copy everything else into the folder so they are merged together.
  • 4 – Launch LOTRO from the standalone launcher in the game folder. It should do a routine check of the game files and begin to update and create the required files to play the game. I was able to login play my game from there. It will not be a Steam copy though.
  • 5 – If you do want the game to still be a steam copy you can take the file folder The Lord of the Rings Online and place into your default Steam game folder at this point. You will have to change the file folder name to Lord of the Rings Online so Steam recognises the file path ( take “The” out of the name). You can either delete the separate standalone copy or keep it. I hope this helps!
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