The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story – Achievements / Trophies Guide

My guide to understand and get all the achievements / trophies in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.

All Achievements / Trophies


Hello dear reader, this is my guide for The Mageseeker full achievements. I rate this game as a 3/10 achievements heavy. With around 8 or 10 hours of gameplay you’ll complete the game.

Note: The difficulty does not hinder any achievement so you can play on any difficulty you want, but I recommend you to play on the hardest so you’ll get a better yet frustrating experience.

Main Story Achievements / Trophies

The following achievements will be unlocked by playing the main story.

Secondary Missions Achievements / Trophies

These achievements are related to the secondary missions such as Headquarters assaults and Whispers in the Woods.

Headquarters Assaults

For Headquarters assaults, I recommend to go blind, these are not difficult to complete but will take around 10 mins of your time, also don’t think too much about what spells to take. You’ll get spells with additional enchants at every check point during the assault mission (one at the time).

Check Points

Whispers in the Woods

Whispers in the Woods is a wave base mission, and you’ll get the achievements below. I recommend you to get Shyvana’s ultimate and some AoE spells such as Static Shock or Hurricane. I also recommend you to do them after you finish the main story.

Recommended Spells

Gameplay and Combat Achievements / Trophies

These achievements are easy to get, just play attention to the details.

Spells and Upgrades

Unlock all spells. It’s self-explanatory but you can’t complete this at Leilani. You’ll have to complete it at Kara after the events during the main story.

Unlock all slots improvements. You’ll get it through allocating point at Leilani station and Rukko’s.

Unlock all ultimates. Self-explanatory, you’ll get it through playing the game.


Use opposite magic 150 times. You’ll have to Hijack spells and kill enemies of opposite element, using your spells does not count. Fortunately in combat, most of the times, there are opposite elements enemies.

Copy abilities from enemies 200 times. Self-explanatory.

Hook 10 times in less than 8 seconds. Just SHIFT + Left CLICK fast enough, easy. It does not have to be between 8 enemies, you can do it with 3 or 4 just to be sure.

Kill 5 enemies at the same time. Easier than you think. If you did not get it through the main story gameplay, you always can go in Whisper in the Woods and use Shyvana’s ultimate to get it.

Hook and whirl 100 times. You’ll have to SHIFT + Left CLICK > Right CLICK 100 time as in the GIF below.

Special Achievements / Trophies

3 special achievements, cute ones I might say.

Pet the dog, Sam. You’ll find the dog in Leilani’s hideout.

Pet the horse, Azucarillo. You’ll find the horse during Great City of Demacia II mission as in the image.

Find all Silverwings. You’ll have to rescue all Silverwings in every level. Don’t worry if you did not rescue during the first run you can always go to Gideon’s station and replay the respective mission.

Last Achievement / Trophy

The last achievement / trophy and the most important.

Unlock all achievements.

Thanks for reading this, have a nice hunt.

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