The NADI Project – Picture Locations of Items

I have taken screenshots of different location of items in case you are struggling to find them. This is not a walkthru, this is simply to help you find the key items needed to complete the game. Good luck.

On the Aeroplane

Pick up the water-soluble tablets.

Combine them with the Water in your Inventory, then pour the mix in the glass.

Then crash.

The 3 Pieces of the Note

The three pieces are needed to combine and reveal a code to open the Safe.

The first may be the hardest item to find in the game.

As you move right from the beginning along the coastline look for this large boulder.

Head to the right of this large boulder and you will see a gap in the rocks that lead to a barrel on the cliff overlooking the ocean.

On top of the barrel is the note.

Note 2 is easy to find. There is an old truck near the half-constructed house. The note is found on the front seat.

The third is inside the half-constructed house in an open cupboard across from a toilet (middle shelf).

Combine the three notes to create reveal the Code.

Then drag the Code from you inventory onto the Safe to open it (second floor of half-constructed house), revealing the axe.

Making the Torch

You will need to make a torch to venture into the cave.

To make the torch you need four items. Cloth, Pitch, Stick and Fire.

Cloth is found in the lighthouse, easily accessible by following the path behind the half-constructed house. Inside the lighthouse is 3 bookshelves. The cloth is found in the middle bookshelf. Lying flat the empty shelf.

The next item needed is the stick. First the Safe needs to be opened and the axe taken. The axe is needed to make the stick from logs. The logs must be dry. The dry logs are found here.

Combine the stick and the cloth then find the pitch. This is found at the half-built house, left of the front entrance steps.

Dip the torch into the pitch. Then you will need to light it. Head over to gas pipe and turn the valve if you haven’t done so. Then light the torch with the fire coming from the leak.

Your torch is ready for the cave adventure.

Seven Rubies for the Her Story Achievement

The 7 seven rubie fragments are needed to unlock “Her Story”, the only missable achievement in the game.

Ruby 1

This Ruby has to be picked up in order to gain entrance into the main story after the aeroplane crash. The Ruby is found in front of the six barrels.

Ruby 2

The 2nd ruby is found below the sign that you will encounter as you leave the first area. The sign has the cave to the left of it. The ruby is at the foot of the sign.

Ruby 3

The 3rd is found near the Cerberus Electronic Building. Left of the building behind the old fence.

Ruby 4

Is on the path to the lighthouse just past the bridge on the left hand side, behind the dead tree.

Ruby 5

The ruby is on the left side of the tower.

Between the tower and generator.

Ruby 6

On the second floor of the building on the balcony edge.

Ruby 7

You will need to build your torch, then find the USB Drive in the cave. Then open the Cerberus Electronics Building and go to the room with the fuses. The ruby is on the floor in the centre of the room.

Once you have all seven and have entered the upper lighthouse you will be able to take the story book sitting in the chest. Unlocking the achievement.


The Fuse is found in the Cerebus Electronics, in the same room as the ruby and crowbar.

And in the same room is placed here.

Like this.

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