The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Be Crowned King – 100% Achievement Completion

You want to be king and truly show it with a 100% achievement completion? Well grab a stool peasant and prepare for enlightenment!

Before You Begin

So, before you decide to spend the next few minutes or who knows how long at this point pulling the sword. Sit down in a comfy spot, get a good decent area that is flat for your mouse, and make sure your hand and fingers are well rested. (I think a wireless mouse will work best for this.)

Next, change your courser settings in the game, to a higher sensitivity. I put mine to 500% as I found it more difficult to control the sword at a higher setting. If you are a pro, you could probably go to the highest and change the settings outside of the game as well.

Rightful King

So for this achievement you will have to play in the offline mode, and I guess it is a good place to start if you want a quick practice run. If you think you can do it right of the bat I recommend going straight for the second achievement King of Kings. Your hand will get tired doing the second one, so like I previously mentioned the better condition the easier it will be. Another option is just to do the achievements with a break in between.

A few pointers when pulling the sword:

  • Hold the sword by the cross guard(widest part). This allows more room for horizontal movement when your hand gets more tired.
  • When you pull up the sword and need to lower your mouse so you can pull it again. Press Esc while holding the left mouse button(you should be holding that every time honestly, less chance of dropping the sword.) This will pause the game and allow you to move the mouse without risking dropping the sword. To continue simply press Esc again (MAKE SURE YOU ARE HOLDING THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON BEFORE YOU DO, or you will drop the sword.)
  • Lastly, the closer you are to the end goal the more heavenly the music will sound, it will change to harps, and when you are almost done you will hear angels and trumpets. At that point just bear with it, you are almost done.

King of Kings

Same concept as the previous achievement except to get this you have to play the online version and it is a lot more time consuming. I took breaks during this achievement as my finger was just dying after getting halfway.

Best of luck everyone, and keep in mind a finger is a small sacrifice for becoming king. You still have the other 9.

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