The Ouroboros King – Overpowered Combo Guide

Quick heads up, I haven’t ever done something like this before so bear with me.

Guide to Overpowered Combo

As you probably know, the Blade Dancer is an incredibly overpowered unit that is relatively easy to obtain. And I found a way to make it even better.

When starting the game, there is a specific order of locations you need to visit for the best results.

  1. Training Grounds. Not required if you obtained an Assassin from the starting recruitment.
  2. Armory. Upgrade the Assassin into a Blade Dancer. This alone is an incredibly strong play.
  3. Ruins. This requires a bit of RNG. Typically the Royal Seal can be bought for roughly $1,000. This allows all of your pieces to move like a king. While it isn’t typically helpful as most of your pieces can also move like a king, it is especially helpful for the Blade Dancer.

The Blade Dancer can jump over pieces like a Knight, moving on every square that borders a King’s movement. So you see why having the item that allows you to move like a King has wonderful synergy with it now. After the Blade Dancer takes a piece, it can move again. Being able to move in such a large radius while not being punished for taking pieces is such an entertaining thing to do.

Try to get the combination of pieces and items and simply have a wonderful time. Also, thanks for reading this!

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  1. then double movement on the first turn and the extra blades as well as a shovel to place a rock makes it a lot stronger

    • The Marching Boots relic allows you to move twice in the beginning, yes, but not with the same piece. However, the synergy with placing a boulder and killing it would absolutely break the game further.

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