The Outlast Trials – How to Improve Stealth Gameplay

This guide will help you improve your stealth gameplay.

Guide to Improve Stealth Gameplay

Stealth tips and how to prevent yourself from being seen

Stealth in The Outlast Trials is actually pretty well done with one or two exceptions, some enemy types require different forms of stealth.

Use Darkness to Your Advantage

There have been countless times where I’ve hidden within groping distance of enemies following a set path due to the darkness, you are virtually invisible there and enemies will follow you based on the sound you make so either walk or crouch once you’ve entered the darkness (With the exception of 2 enemies but we’ll get into them in section 6). Be careful though because after an enemy has lost sight of you in the darkness they can and will walk around a bit to see if you’re still there.

Hiding Spots Can ♥♥♥♥ You Over

Enemies will randomly check hiding spots, but you can predict which ones. Enemies that have been chasing you will check hiding spots where they last saw you, so break their line of sight, get a bit of distance, then hide.

You can also peek without being seen from my knowledge, I need to test it some more but i have yet to be found from a distance while peeking.

Enemies will also check hiding spots along their patrolling paths, so if you know an enemy will be near a hiding spot, try to not use it. (I haven’t confirmed it but I believe they only check when they stop walking, so if they walk past a locker you should be fine in hiding in it)

Line of Sight Is a Bit Wonky

Enemies will see you through windows, most of the time even if you’re crouched under it so avoid them like the plague.

If you are close enough to an enemy on the other side of a wall they will notice you, I’m assuming it’s hard coded that they notice you a certain distance away in the light.

Use Throw-Ables to Your Advantage

You can use most throw-ables to disarm traps such as the electric floor traps, TNT and mines. It doesn’t work on door traps, however those things are an absolute joke which I will cover next.

Door Traps Are a Joke

So door traps are pretty annoying right? I bet you’ve been in a scenario where you’re trying to walk around quietly or are being chased and open a door that you didn’t check to see if it had a metal box with a pretty red-light and suddenly WHAM! You’re on the floor and every enemy in a 30ft radius is coming to give you the most painful tickle of your life or gas you like it’s World War 2.

Really they’re hilariously easy to counter, just hold left-click on the door and open it slowly and it won’t go off, or if you’re being chased and have the time to do so, crouch and open the door, the electric spike will go sailing over your head harmlessly.

Some Enemies Can See in the Dark

Enemies that have night-vision goggles, such as the Impostors or the electric-baton-wielding crackheads that are crouched over, can see you in the dark light it’s ♥♥♥ daylight and are the bane of my existence.

Now the impostors can turn their night-vision off but hitting them with a throw-able will get them to ♥♥♥♥ off to an exit, but the crackheads with the electrified weapons are blind as a bat in any area that has light, so if you stumble upon one while walking in the darkness, just book it to the nearest light source.

Enemies that aren’t able to see you but are searching for you will swing wildly around in the air for a bit to see if you’re there, even walking towards the sounds you made, but you should be just fine speed walking out of there with the exception of the blinded large grunt.

The blinded large grunt is the really big dude that has all sorts of chains and metal on him like he came from a BDSM event. He swings wildly pretty much all the time and will hear you walking anywhere near him and will sit in the last area where he heard noise. You absolutely have to crouch around this maniac and use a bottle to control his movements.

Running away successfully

When you get seen in the Trials you’ve got to escape, and you have very limited stamina to do so.

When Running Use the Doors

When you’re running from an enemy, closing doors behind you will impede their movement and cut line of sight if they don’t have windows embedded in them. What’s that? You don’t have time to stop, turn around, and close a door? Well no worries! While sprinting through a door, slightly look towards the door your going through and click on it! Your character will slam the door behind them as they run past, suffering no movement speed penalties.

In the prison on higher difficulties, there are hallways that have cameras with green lasers above them, if they see you they will close off that hallway with a metal security door until you leave. If you’re being chased and you go through one of those doorways, let the camera see you and it will block off the hallway and make the enemies that were chasing you have to go around, giving you more time to get away.

Hiding After Escaping

While running from an enemy, if you get enough distance from an enemy you need to break line of sight or run into the darkness to get them off of you.

If you just break line of sight then you need to get into a hiding spot that isn’t too close the the spot they last saw you or else they’ll check for you. If you dove into the darkness then you need to stop running, they can still follow you the sounds you make, just start walking away from them.

Have Your Friends Help You

If you’re running a trial with other people like most do, you can have a friend cut between you and an enemy so that they’ll get chased instead, just make sure they are up for it though! This works wonders if you’re low on stamina, don’t know where a place to escape is, or can’t get away fast enough.

Vaults Can Be Exploited… Kinda

If you run out of stamina and an enemy is right behind you, you can still jump and vault over objects. If it’s a nice broken window and the enemy is going to vault after you, you can vault right back through at the same time! It’s quite a bit cheesy but it can give you time to think or time for a friend to come help you.

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  1. peeking does get you caught it’s just very finicky dark spots seem impossible to be seen from if peeking though

  2. btw you can also avoid impostors in the dark by using a hiding spot, even if they see you, they wont pul you out from that hiding spot. works well with every reborn game i had.

  3. Door traps alone are a joke but they work well when paired with other obstacles. You can’t open them in chase and the permanent solution calls enemies to your location from the same range as running.

    Can’t stress how important it is to 1) Enable the noise indicator (which is disabled by default for some reason) 2) STOP running when you’ve gained distance. I’ve had team mates who were “Stuck” in chase because they ran everywhere.

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