The Outlast Trials – Item List (Closed Beta)

The items and their use are listed here.

List of All Items

All credit goes to Fxasa!

Items, Their Use and Finding Locations

5 hours of playtime experience. Rarity of the items are not official, I classified them with my experience.

Small Items

  • Lockpick: Used while opening locked tool and first aid boxes. Can be found in everywhere. Common item.
  • Small/Large Medicine: Makes the player gain health. Can be found in everywhere. Especially in the first aid boxes. Common item.
    Small → Common item.
    Big → Uncommon item.
  • Small/Large Battery: Recharges the night vision googles. Can be found in the tool boxes and ground.
    Small → Common item.
    Big → Uncommon item.
  • Antidote: Makes the player regain their sanity. Can be found in everywhere. Especially in the first aid boxes. Antidote can also be located when the sanity is completely empty.
    Common item.
  • Adrenaline: Causes the player to have infinte stamina for a limited time. Can be found in everywhere.
    Common item.
  • Rig Charger: Recharges to rig after a use. Can be found in the tool boxes and ground.
    Rare item.
  • Syringe: Helps the player revive completely downed players, the player can revive players that are bleeding but this item will not decrease the time of revive. The players that are completely downed, killed can only be revived with this item. This item can only be found in glass boxes that can be found on walls.
    Uncommon item.

    To simplify: Players that are bleeding can be revived without this item, but dead player can only be revived with syringe.
  • Brick/Bottle: Throwable items. When hits the enemies, the enemies will be stunned for a short time or the insane player-like enemies will be avoided completely. Bottle-break doesn’t cause enemies to move towards the sound, maybe that will be fixed in the actual game. Can be found in everywhere except boxes.
    Common item.

Big Items

These items decrease the movement speed and stamina.

  • Gasoline: Used for refueling the generators in the “Police Station” level.
    Mission item.

Non-stored Items

  • Keys: Used to open gates. Can be found in symbol-marked human bodies in the “Police Station” level.
    Mission item.
  • Evidences: Collecting the required amount will reveal the lore of the game. No specific location to be found, randomly spawns.
    Extremely-rare item.
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  1. While not technically part of the currently available Police Trial, it might be worthwhile to mention the Box of Documents Big Item found in the tutorial level.

    Additionally as mentioned by someone else there is the “Loot Room” that spawns randomly on the map seemingly every time. Containing 2 boxes filled with useful consumables, including Syringes and the Master key which, from what I can tell from experience, always spawns one in that room and can be used to instantly unlock locks, bypassing the lock-picking mini-game entirely and also seems to have infinite uses.

  2. there is also a master key in a hidden room that may spawn that seemed to function as a infinite lockpick

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