The Outlast Trials – Pro Movement/Escape Guide

I have noticed in the past few days that almost close to no one is utilizing this method. Even in lvl 20s above. Following this tips would help you tremendously on avoiding damage which gives you a better final score. You could also free up your inventory with Medicines/Antidote so you can just keep rig chargers/bricks/bottles/adrenaline.

Guide to Movement/Escape

So this guide will discuss 3 topics. Sound, Darkness and AI.

First of all

Go to Settings > General and turn on “Noise indicator Display”. What it does is whenever you make a sound, it will tell you on your dot crosshair. There are 3 types of sound

  • Dot —> No sound is generated and no enemies can hear you. Crouching does this.
  • 1 Parenthesis. Ingame it looks like this ( . ) —> Enemies only near to you can hear you. Walking makes this sound.
  • 2 Parenthesis. It looks like this (( . )) —-> Bashing doors, Cranking Generator, Sprinting and other loud noises is under this category.

Let’s talk about movement

Walking is slower and continuously creates a 1 parenthesis sound around you. To mitigate this, you can sprint jump instead without walking/running. To do this, use W + Shift + Space. This must be click in sequence correctly so your character would not run then jump, or walk then jump. Doing this correctly will make your character sprint jump from where you are.

As you have turned on your noise indicator, you would then notice that doing this will only make a one instance of “1 parenthesis sound”. On top of that you have covered much more distance than walking. This is much better when you are trying to go to a location quickly but couldn’t afford to sprint because you would be heard by the enemies just around you.

How to utilize this more effectively?

Finally, For the last part, go to your Settings > General and turn on “Darkness Indicator Display”. What it does is it will show you on your lower right part of the screen if you are in a place where you cannot be seen as it will show a moon icon. Or if you will be seen (you are in a light area) which will show a sun/light icon

So how to easily lose someone chasing you?

Run to a dark room and the moment you entered the spot where an enemies sees you (which you would see a moon icon) Sprint jump 1x to any direction in that dark room. The reason enemies follow others in the dark areas is because these people keep sprinting/wallking and the AI is simply following the continuous noise that this movement creates. Sprint Jumping eliminates this. So they would lose you immediately.

In a darker difficulty, the AI are faster and may opt to explore that room despite you not making noises anymore so sprint jumping 2x is recommended.

Please do note that this tactic also work anywhere. Remember that the AI will only go to the last location you where seen so if you were seen in an open area, you can sprint jump to a corner where they would lose vision and they wouldn’t follow you because you are not making loud noises.

Recommend upgrade/AMP

  • Athlete (Tier 2 Pharmacy) -> Increases Max Stamina
  • Parkour Technique (tier 2 Pharmacy) -> Reduces Stamina consumption when jumping

Noise reduction (Level 22 AMP)

  • When you get to level 22 and be able to buy this AMP (I do not have this yet), I think normal W without shift wouldnt create sound like crouch does.


    • Somehow, somewhere around this week or last week, sprinting now creates 1 parenthesis sound. Or I was just too dumb in the earlier weeks that I did not equip that AMP.

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