The Pale Beyond – Save Editing Guide (with Save File Location)

A brief guide on how to do some save editing for this game.

Guide to Save Editing

Prep Work

Save location:

  • C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\BellularStudios\The Pale Beyond

The save file in question should be the latest one or the second to latest one.

You need a text editor for the job. You can use Notepad but I’d suggest Notepad++ due to backup functions and whatnot. Either works.

Always back up your game before you edit.


Ctrl+F and look for strings like these:


This is for Templeton but you can do the same thing with the other major crew members. Their codes are lumped together.


For items, search for strings like these:


This is for fish, if you want to search for the general location, just look for


and you should find a bunch of them lumped together. Change the number. The variables are named in a very self-explanatory manner.

Once you get to a save with tinned food, coal bags and medical comforts. Just cheat those. Give yourself like 100 of each and you’d probably be settled for the game.

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