The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation – Gameplay FAQ (+ Tips)

Frequently Asked Questions

How or where do you make Electronics Parts?

You need to build workshop and refinery, and have a character that can make them.

How delete a module?

Not yet but devs plan it.

How to jump?

You can click on your character to open his action menu and select the jump

How to gather sulfur?

You need to find Sulphur dyoxide wells, you can use TAB to hilight interactible objects. Make sure you have storage space and then mine it from a well.

Side note as well rush the EVA cooling module (Crafted at the workshop) as well for your miner. It basically prevents you from getting burned so you can mine Sulfur faster when the deposit is active. And you will thank yourself later on in the game if you do it early.

How can we uprade a machine in the refinery to unlock the diamonds crafting?

You have to open the refinery machines interface, click on the laser chamber on the central panel, which allows you to display the upgrades on the left panel

How to switch eva equipment around?

You can swap it by dragging the items to the station inventory.

How to make the upgrade for the ultrasonic purifier?

You have to select an installed Laser Chamber in the room UI and use the right panel, there are buttons for each upgrades.

Keep Maggie sheltered during electric storm. How / What does this mean?

Maggie is you 3D printing construction robot, stored in the roof of your station (click on the button in/out to display station’s roof). It can be hit by a bolt so it breaks, then it is better to avoid building during storms.

How many people do you control?

You can control up to 3 characters during a mission. Each have a different skill set and must be micro-managed carefully.

How to make characters eat?

To make a character eat, you can select him and then right click on him or build a dining hall in the crew quarters.

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