The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation – How to Craft Diamonds

Learn how to go from a fresh new game all the way to crafting diamonds (Skip ahead of steps you’ve already completed on your own!).

Guide to Craft Diamonds

Building the Block and Refinery

(Click pictures to make them larger and more clear!) Find the “construction terminal” right by the reactor in the middle of the base.

Right click the terminal with your most skilled Computer Scientist (or anyone will do) and left click the “Open construction terminal” text to bring up this next screen:

Install the new block where ever you wish!

Now return to the construction terminal and this time press on the “modules” tab to find the “refinery” you will have to build. I strongly recommend that you chose the LARGE version, as there is currently no way to upgrade block modules to bigger sizes.

Building and Upgrading the Laser Chamber

After it is complete, right click the “block terminal,” which is the center panel on the floor in the room with a swirly design on it, and left click “open block terminal.”

Here you will want to find and install the “laser chamber”

With that placed, return to the same screen as before and to see your newly created laser chamber.

Select the laser chamber in the menu to see its available upgrades; chose the “microwave chamber” upgrade to start crafting diamonds!

Crafting Diamonds and Gathering Needed Materials

Now that your laser chamber is installed and upgraded, time to start crafting diamonds!

Crafting diamonds requires 1 unit of raw carbon (blue cube) and 1 unit of sulfur dioxide (yellow thing). Before you go out gathering, you will need to make storage lockers for carbon and sulfur in your refinery. Install one “gas tank” and one “carbon dumpster.”

With those built and ready to go, all you need now is your trusty mining tool, or as the devs like to call it, the “universal portative laser drill,” which can either be crafted at a Workshop module or found in equipment crates out in the outside world.

Equip the mining tool in the Main Tool slot (center most slot) in the EVA tab of a proficient driller (or anyone will do).

Now, with your driller selected, right click a sulfur deposit to start gathering!

And do the same with a carbon deposit!

And you’re finally ready to start crafting some yummy diamonds.

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