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Racing Tips

All credit goes to Mur!

You definitely do not have to stay on track when racing! I took my very first starting horse all the way through the Bunny Hops race in the pines and cleared first at least twice a day before he just didn’t have the energy bar to maintain speed and hit times.

Go off tracks and make sure to try and never let your stam bar completely run out, as it takes a few seconds to start refilling and those seconds are vital. Currently I can clear the first race in 53 seconds without a full energy bar (I took him through it with about half an energy bar left) with my best horse just because I’ve memorized the track.

Definitely invest a bit in endurance. Speed is pretty important but endurance makes your stam bar refill much faster and helps a lot.

I’ve noticed stats increase at milestones of 5 (at least jump does, I’m assuming the others follow suit). If you use this logic to train your horses and run competitions a lot to get the statue bonuses you definitely should be able to easily clear the easiest races on every map. The first statue is immensely helpful with it’s 10% potential increase, so make sure you get that one as much as you can. The second one as well, as that adds 5% speed. I’ve gotten the speed and all around bonus at least twice each.

When common horses and breeding is avail, invest in them asap. Common horses cost between 8-11k rounded up and are LEAGUES better than wild horses, so grinding for even one common will make your life much easier. I also bred two wild horses (my first two) and the resulting foal is on par with the common league after training (foals age with 100% potential on top of their birth stats, so, utilized correctly, they can be really well trained).

Find short cuts. You can fall off cliffs, go through grass, and spin mid-air, and this is a huge help in the second pines race because you can shave off several seconds halfway by falling and twisting midair to immediately hit the next jump when you get to the cliff. The town race also has something similar, but you have to invest in flexibility to be able to take advantage of these from what I’ve seen.

Invest in jumping more than mentioned. Put at LEAST 35% into jump, to give yourself a comfortable range. 25% makes you have to hit intermediate jumps straight on which gets annoying. 35% at least gives you a bit of wiggle room. That doesn’t mean you need to dump into speed and jump only, because the intermediate races have twists and turns that make having flexibility nice (at LEAST 25% to be comfy) and flat races that make endurance necessary. If it’s between bumping endurance up or speed I always bump end up cause my 30% speed horse with 40% end finished faster than my 40% spd with 30% end. There’s a delicate balance you have to find.

Bottom line is it is definitely doable! Just keep trying, and remember, you can restart a race from the pause menu at no penalty right up till you hit the finish line. I find myself doing it a lot, especially on runs where I bump a jump or let my bar run out. It’s a helpful tool!

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