The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Bucket Ending Guide

How to Get the Bucket Ending

First of all, you need to have completed the thing that actually unlocks the bucket. However, ill assume you’ve done that already since you’ve scrolled past the spoiler buffer. If you havent, shame on you.

Step 1:

  • Get the bucket, and walk with it all the way to the bosses office BUT dont enter just yet.

Step 2:

  • Simply walk in and then quickly out. You’ve done it correctly if you’re outside the office when the doors have shut.

Step 3:

  • Walk all the way to the beginning, all the while holding your precious bucket.

Step 4:

  • Once you reach the start, and Stanleys office, door 428 will now be open (The door on the left when exiting the office at the start), enter it and climb the stairs upwards.

Step 5:

  • Success! You’ll be treated to a small cutscene after approaching the escape pod at the top, where you say your goodbyes to the oh so precious bucket you’ve no doubt grown to love.

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  1. I don’t know what to do after unlocking the epilogue. I have no idea what I should be using it for and I have restarted epilogue 5 times.

    Once you unlock the epilogue, if you’ve completed the bucket ending, you can find the bucket and its escape pod in the epilogue to the right of the shack. I still haven’t figured out if you get anything extra out of carrying it with you through the epilogue.

  3. Is this a joke? I tried this but the door leading back to the start was locked so I was only able to go downstairs for the crazy ending

  4. This is some Titanic type of sacrfice. Both Stanley and the bucket could fit into the escape pod. Love the whole drama tho

  5. Turns out that by doing this, you are literally saying goodbye to your bucket. It doesn’t seem to appear again after you put it in the escape pod.

  6. literally did this out of boardom and was so shocked i needed to see if somone else found it

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