The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – How to (Really) Get The Door 430 Achievement

This guide will teach you how to properly get the new Click On Door 430 Five Times achievement.

First Steps

First of all, you have to complete a couple endings from the original game, such as the Freedom Ending or the Countdown Ending, until you find a new door close to the beginning of the game with a text saying “New Content”. You will see a door with the number 416 inside, but this door won’t unlock your achievement yet.

The Real Door

Keep playing until your game restars again, a new sign will appear in the New Content door. Enter again and you will find a Stanley Parable 2 Expo Room that should look like this:

Keep following the narrator instructions, and when you’re done with the area, head to the exit stairs.

Your game will be restarted and a new main menu should appear:

From now, the New Content door will be replaced with the real 416 door, and you can complete your desired the achievement. Here is a video of me getting it:

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