The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – The Warehouse Floor Guide

This method of accessing the Warehouse Floor is a softlock, which has merited some information, do not expect progress when doing it.

Guide to The Warehouse Floor

The Warehouse Floor

Step 1

  • Go on any Unplug the Phone Route.

Step 2

  • When approaching the Gated Lift, go to the right side of it and crouch walk through the gap between the lift and the fence.

Congratulations, You have reached the Warehouse Floor, down here you can do nothing, a specific pile of boxes has no collisions, everything else does.

The White Room in front of one of the trucks bizarrely has a unique soundscape, perhaps this implies that it could be accessed by some other means without having the game break?

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    • Yup, rendering breaks a bit in that room, it’s clearly unintended to be in there, but the audio cue gives me the sense that there may have been cut content on the floor

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