The Tram of Wishes – 100% Walkthrough Guide

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A quick guide on how to complete The Tram of Wishes.

Complete Walkthrough

The Basics

In this guide, I’ll show you how to complete The Tram of Wishes by fulfilling the hidden desires of all five regular tram passengers.

Controls & Basic Gameplay

First, a quick refresher on the controls:

  • Right Arrow – Move forward
  • Left Arrow – Brake/move backward
  • Z Key – Open tram doors
  • Space Bar – Ring tram bell

The key mechanic of this game is to travel to tram stops along your route, then stop and open your doors so passengers can step on and off. What isn’t quite clear at first is that you can also stop at other points of interest, such as store fronts, and trigger special events if the right passenger is in the tram. There are five passengers along your route with problems you can solve by taking them to these points of interest, and thought bubbles will appear over their heads to clue you in on where you should take them. Solving their problems will put a star over their heads, which will persist between in-game days but disappear if you restart the game. You can do these in any order, for as many in-game days as you need figure them all out–it’s even possible to get them all done in the same day, and I’ll show you how later on.

Note: In order for these events to trigger, you need to make a complete stop and open the tram doors in front of the designated locations.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Boy

The Boy and The Mom can always be found at the very first stop, so it’s easiest to get them done first. The Boy really wants to get a pet, and there’s a pet store conveniently on your route–sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. If you just try to drop him off at the pet store, The Mom will stop him from doing it, so we’ve got to find a way to prevent that from happening.

Between the first stop and the pet store, you’ll see a small bird singing in a tree. Stop in front of the bird and open the doors, and the bird will lull The Mom to sleep. Be very careful not to ring the tram bell at this time, as it can scare the bird away and wake up The Mom.

Once she falls asleep, you can move ahead to the pet store and drop The Boy off, where he’ll pick up a little ferret in his backpack before hopping back in the tram.

His star will unlock as soon as he gets back on board.

The Mom

The Mom is worried about a few things, but her biggest worry is her diet. She thinks a lot about the different desserts she’d like to eat, and there’s another conveniently-placed storefront along your route: a bakery. All you have to do is take her to the bakery, making sure to ring the tram bell if she’s still sleeping from the puzzle before.

She’ll stop worrying so much and hop off the tram to get a snack, and her star will unlock when she leaves. She won’t get back on the tram today, so we can just move on.

The Old Man

The Old Man can be randomly found at any tram stop along your route. He’s tired of his current job, afraid that his body can’t keep up with the work for much longer, and wants to make some lifestyle changes. His star is definitely the easiest to get: just pick him up and take him all the way to the end of your route. You can make as many stops as you’d like along the way, as he won’t get off the tram for the rest of the day. Take things slow and you’ll be treated to dialogue where he considers becoming a tram driver like you before finally deciding that he should just try to “live for [him]self”.

His star will unlock right as you pull into the final station while the screen fades to white and the day ends.

The Lovebird(s)

The Lovebird can be randomly found at any tram stop except for the last one. He’s in love with a girl but too afraid to express his feelings, so you’ll need to give him a subtle push so he can make his confession. He remarks that he wants to give her a gift, and there’s a flower shop shortly before the last stop that will give him just what he needs. Take him all the way to the flower shop, but don’t stop at too many tram stops along the way or he’ll get cold feet and leave. Drop him off here and he’ll come back shortly with a bouquet of flowers.

If you’ve been to the last tram stop before, you may have noticed a girl in a yellow dress that never seems to want to ride the tram–it turns out that this is the girl The Lovebird is love with! Drop him off in front of the girl at the last tram stop, where he’ll give her the flowers and finally confess his love for her.

The two will embrace, and you’ll earn both of their stars at the same time.

The Speedrun

I said I’d show you how to do this all in one day, and now it’s time to make good on my promise. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on getting all five stars on Day 1:

  • Step 1: Pick up The Boy and The Mom at the first stop.
  • Step ?: Pick up The Old Man and The Lovebird at whatever stop they happen to be at.
  • Step 2: Stop at the bird and put The Mom to sleep, taking care not to ring the tram bell until after the pet shop.
  • Step 3: Stop at the pet shop so The Boy can get his pet. [Star 1]
  • Step 4: Stop at the bakery and drop The Mom off. [Star 2]
  • Step 5: Stop at the flower shop so The Lovebird can get his flowers.
  • Step 6: Stop at the last stop and drop The Lovebird off in front of the girl. [Stars 3 & 4]
  • Step 7: Finish your route with The Old Man still in your tram. [Star 5]

And that’s it! Whether you got all five stars in one day or several days, you’ve solved all their problems and can finally move on to…

The End

Once all five stars have been unlocked, beating the game is simple: continue your route as normal, stopping at every tram stop along the way. The uncolored silhouettes will come and go, but your regular passengers will hop on and stay on the whole way–even the girl in the yellow dress.

Once you’ve reached the final stop and all five passengers (complete with their stars) have made it on board, ride all the way to the end of your route and…

…well, you’ll just have to see what happens for yourself.

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