The Unliving – Steam Deck Controls and Tips

Controls for Steam Deck

  • L2 – Resurrect
  • L1 – Conversation (which is weird because it’s just resurrect on mouse)
  • R2 – Minion attack-move cursor
  • R1 – Hexbolt
  • X/Y/B – Spells
  • A – Dash
  • D-pad – Minion quick sacrifice.

Nothing is assigned to L3, L4, L5, R3, R4, R5.

Tips to Controls

You can’t really use spells while using the cursor because the layout means you use your thumb for both. Obviously, this is for the default controls. You can re-bind the controls outside of the game (there’s an input config option inside the game that isn’t implemented yet). Rebinding spells and dash to the grip buttons would alleviate this issue, I think.

I’ve thought about it and there might be some ways to make it work, but for me they would involve a lot of brain retraining. As an example, I think the Steamdeck has a way to make the touchpads work like a trackball in that if you slide your thumb off the trackpad, it has some momentum and keeps going. That might help.

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