The Wheel of Fortune – How to Get Balkan Ending

How to get the best ending, a hard achievement, and move to Germany.

Balkan Ending Guide

How to get it

So, to get the Balkan ending (which is the hardest one), you need to flirt with every girl at once. It’s easy, just don’t make the wrong choices. A girl smiles when you made the right choice.

On the “claw machine”, you need to get the option which gives one present to each girl (I got this with “A little bit of luck”), and you need to choose “Beer” which is the most normal and every girl likes it.

Then, when you are in the hot tub, choose “Aya”. And the other girls will come back and you will get this secret ending.

Also make sure you have “Excellent” luck on this 4th day, I don’t think the ending will trigger otherwise.

Note: You can easily save-scum luck by saving just before the day ends.

I’ve unlocked all the images in the gallery now, but still don’t have the “Unlock all scenes” achievement, only need to figure that one out still…

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