The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition – How to Reach Level 35 in Chapter 2 (The Eternal Battle)

How to reach level 35 with max XP by fighting wraiths in the mist in Chapter 2.

Guide to Reach 35 Lvl in Chapter 2

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In Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Chapter 2, there is an opportunity to level up to level 35 with XP maxed out. By design, progression to level 36 and beyond is not permitted. During the quest The Eternal Battle, Geralt can fight hoards of Black Ones’ wraiths in the mist to level up. During Geralt’s in-quest passages between the Kaedweni camp and Vergen, Geralt does not receive XP for killing wraiths in the mist. XP flows from completion of the quests that require Geralt to cross through the mist and return (e.g., Spear of Destiny, Hatred Symbolized, and Death Symbolized in the Roche path). However, after Geralt’s return through the mist, before completing the quest The Blood Curse, Geralt can reenter the mist and kill wraiths to gain XP.

Fighting wraiths in the mist provides an arcade-like experience where Geralt’s multiple opponent combat capabilities in the Swordsmanship tree shine. From a melee combat perspective, this is how Witcher 2 was truly meant to be played. The fact that Geralt can be killed instantly at any moment arguably makes the challenge more heroic than the paved path of linearly completing quests. Maxing out Geralt’s level in this way is like Neo becoming The One in the film The Matrix; a genuinely epic PC video game experience.


  • Difficulty: Dark
  • Armor: Oathbreaker Outfit
  • Potions: Visionary Potion
  • Bombs: Dancing Star
  • Character Abilities: Alchemist 2, Footwork, Combat Acumen 2, Whirl


  • Blade Oil: Specter Oil
  • Potions: Visionary Potion or Tawney Owl, Golden Oriole, Swallow
  • Character Abilities: Hardy, Invincible 2, Position 2, Quen 3, Riposte 2, Violence 2, Whirlwind


1. Visionary Potion

An unlimited number of Visionary Potions can be purchased and stored for later use during the quest The Path To Vision after Geralt joins the Sebrina Glevisig cult and agrees to undergo a vision quest. The Visionary Potion can be repeatedly purchased from The Visionary (Yahon) if (1) the vision quest is incomplete and (2) Geralt does not have a Visionary Potion with him. This provision apparently exists in case Geralt consumes the potion given to him by The Visionary prematurely, i.e., before dusk. Otherwise, Geralt would be unable to complete the quest.

2. Dancing Star

Using Dancing Star bombs, Geralt can (1) set large numbers of opponents on fire, (2) stop wraiths from firing crossbow bolts (they do not shoot when on fire), (3) create large conflagrations that (a) provide camouflage to obscure Geralt as a target and (b) force enemies to pass through the flames to reach Geralt, as well as (4) weaken multiple opponents simultaneously so they can either be cut down en masse with the Virgin sword, e.g., using heavy sword blows after the Whirl character ability has been acquired, or killed using adrenaline, i.e., Combat Acumen Group Finishers. A large number of Dancing Star bombs are needed; approximately 30-60 per cycle in and out of the mist. A few hundred bombs are needed in total.

3. Cycling in and Out of the Mist

In the mist, Geralt will very rarely have a long enough break from battle to save the game, drink potions, or loot the corpses or slain enemies. As a result, a cycle in and out of the mist, e.g., to save progress, is at first defined by how long potions last, i.e., between 5 and 10 minutes. Each cycle in and out of the mist can provide XP equal to roughly 1/3 of one level. However, potions are only required at lower levels and are optional at higher levels, e.g., at level 35 (max level).

4. Fighting with Fire

Enemies with a line of sight to Geralt will fire crossbows first and only draw swords as the distance closes. If Geralt is exposed in the open in the mist, he will be hit by multiple crossbow bolts and killed almost instantly whenever he is not dodging. Geralt should stay directly in the fires set using Dancing Star bombs, as close to burning opponents as possible, in order to strike multiple opponents while simultaneously using ignited enemies as de facto human shields.

5. Situational Awareness and Constant Motion

It is critical for Geralt to always be in motion and never become a stationary target, even for a second (except when throwing bombs where time is slowed). It is advisable to become highly proficient in dodging in every direction. Situational awareness covering 360 degrees allows the operator to make Geralt dodge in and out of groups of ignited enemies, and between enemy groups and terrain that provides cover from incoming fire. Very little cover is available in the mist so the operator must carefully choose where to fight.

Tips and Tricks

  • Magic Circles

It is advisable to make Geralt pass through each of the Magic Circles (Life, Endurance, Power) to gain additional bonuses before entering the mist. Every advantage counts. The margin between death and survival after an intense battle where potions have been expended is very thin.

  • Character Abilities

Arrow Redirection in the Training tree is not effective against the hail of crossbow bolts in the mist, particularly because Geralt’s sword will be in constant use.

  • Mutagens

The Invincible, Combat Acumen, and Whirlwind abilities in the Swordsmanship tree can be mutated. Madness and Critical Effects are recommended.

  • Bare Chested Geralt

The in-game character is primarily a weapons platform in a 3D battlefield simulation. Armor essentially protects Geralt from operator mistakes. An excellent way to practice situational awareness and constant motion (see above) is to fight ordinary monsters without armor. This creates instant death scenarios similar to fighting wraiths in the mist where Geralt must kill one or more opponents without getting hit, e.g., fighting necrophages beneath the Kaedweni camp. An operator that can do this successfully more than once is ready to fight in the mist.

  • Monster Spawning

Gaps in XP when progressing from level to level by battling wraiths in the mist can be filled by sweeping the Chapter 2 map iteratively, e.g., at midnight each night. This is only effective if Geralt delays completing quests that reduce the number of monsters spawned on the map. For example, after the quests The Path to Vision and The Rotfiend Contract are completed, the otherwise unlimited supply of monsters becomes very limited in comparison. As a result, it is recommended to both save gold Orens and to stockpile supplies, especially Harpy Eyes which provide Aether needed to make Dancing Star bombs, before completing these quests.

  • Soundtrack

The built-in soundtrack is not suitable for the extreme intensity of battle in the mist. Heavy metal or epic music is recommended, e.g., Epica Consign to Oblivion, Requiem for the Indifferent [Explicit], The Phantom Agony (Expanded Edition), etc.

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