They Are Billions – How to Expand Colony on Desolate Wasteland

How to Expand and Get a Decent Sized Colony on Desolate Wasteland

So a few tips on how to expand and get a decent sized colony on Desolate Wasteland:

  • 1) At the start, you don’t want any fixed defenses at all. Just set your rangers to patrol your perimeter and gradually expand it. As you get more rangers pair them up so they don’t get overwhelmed so easily. They can take out walkers and the occasional runner this way. When you start reaching packs of runners and executives stop, you’re not going to be able to expand that way much further.
  • 2) You should be able to stop the first wave with nothing but walls and stakes. If you want a few rangers to watch and get some XP that’s fine, but you shouldn’t be recruiting a mass of them.
  • 3) At day 20, you’ll want your base surrounded by wooden walls and stakes to take out the mini waves. Any rangers that they run into should scurry and hide behind the walls.
  • 4) Wave 2 you can take with 2 ballistas, and waves 3 and 4 can be handled with 4 ballistas. Smash the ballistas between waves to recover 50% of the resources to support more economic growth.
  • 5) A warehouse really helps for defense rebuilding. Instead of trying to build ballistas everywhere before a wave shows up, just pile up 50 wood and 1000 gold and place the ballistas when you get the wave direction announcement.
  • 6) hunter cottages are a main source of food, and make sure to put farms down on any plot of grass that produces more than 30 food.

Assuming no mutants have showed up to wreck your base, that should get you past wave 4 with a fairly decent sized colony. Before the next wave you should send out troops (probably soldiers, easier for beginners) to clear the map around your base, but keep a killbox with several ballistas to run into and hide when the aggro cascade gets too large. Kite and repeat.

Now build shock towers and splatter waves 5+.

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