Thing-in-Itself – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a rather short game, but some of the achievements are a bit obscure (though none of them are difficult).

How to Obtain All Achievements

Quick Tip

For a faster playthrough (you will have to do at least 2.5 to get all of the achievements), hit the Escape key and turn on skippable dialogue. You can then press Spacebar to quickly speed through the conversations.

Chapter-Spanning Achievements

Heart-Shaped Box

  • Click the guitar in each act of the game.

Natural Blues

  • Click/view every item in the apartment in each act (or mood, as it is referred to in the game).

Act I

Hungry Hungry Henry

  • Click the mess of fish flakes on the floor and give them to Henry/place them on the desk.

Squeaky Clean

  • Clean up the apartment before Molly calls. Throw away pizza boxes, wine bottles, and pick up clothes etc.

Take Your Time

  • By far the worst/hardest/most time-consuming achievement in the game – you have to wait around 27 rings after Molly calls you at the end of the act before answering the phone.

Act II

Achievements here will prevent other achievements in this chapter. Multiple playthroughs are needed.

Ham on Rye

  • Finish the bottle of whiskey on the nightstand. It will end the act, so be careful and make sure you have everything you need first (clicks for Heart-Shaped Box or Natural Blues, for example).

You’ve Got a Match!

  • Click the heart button on all dating app matches and wait a bit. You’ll get a match and it will end the chapter. Again, if you need other clicks for chapter-spanning achievements, do them first.

Anywhere But Here

  • Click to exit the room after the breakup. Again, this will end the chapter, so get what you need first.


Everything is Illuminated

  • Turn on all of the lights/lamps.


  • Automatic. You’ll get it for finishing the game. Congrats!

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