Thunder Tier One – How to Beat Golden Angel Mission

Here is the key to passing this hellish ordeal.

Guide to Complete Golden Angel Mission

General Strategy

This is one of those “muh epic chase” missions – which means that after securing the crashsite, you push for the evac without stopping. As mentioned above by a different commenter, the guys from the back spawn infinetely and converge on your position. This forced me to run&gun all the way to the evac zone, with one short stop (luckily, Open Fire command allowed the meatsacks to pick one group of chasers while I reloaded) – however, relying on their ability to protect their own mortal shells is the last resort.

The Map

Assuming that you already secured the crash site, orient your cam so that the evac is in the north. From here, you can take two-ish paths: on the left and on the right. The path on the left hugs map border, and you should soon come to a small river. Two guys will drop from the ledge above – deal with them, but be mindful that while you are dealing with them a group of chasing enemies will probably catch up with you. Do a 180 and shoot them. Do not rely on the bots, will ya. Cross the river – a couple more enemies will spawn in front of you – and take a right. You should come across a small camp with a bonfire – this is where the right path I mentioned previously would have taken you. Dispatch the campers (expect another group to catch up with you, coming from the crash site). After that, you should see a crack in the ground, and to the left of it, a relatively more open path. Take the open path, follow it to the end and you should see a bigger river. Deal with enemies, cross the river, welcome to evac.

The Evac

Thank god for checkpoints, huh? Place all of your bots behind a fallen log. They will all have just one sector of sight, but this is the only way to reliably expect them to shoot enemies coming right at them. Order the bot that carries the wounded pilot to go stand somewhere in the bushes near the evac point. Now, reorient the camera so that the evac point is at the bottom of the screen. There are two entrances to the area: bottom right, where your bots hug the log, and the one you likely came through, at the top of the screen. Now, here’s the kicker: my strategy was to, get this, singlehandedly safeguard the upper passage, and when the enemies died down a little there, exit the area, go along the river you preciously crossed, shoot every enemy that tried to approach the fallen log entrance, rinse and repeat. Oh, and you need to hold out for 3 minutes of this buffoonery.


Bring lots of ammo. Oh, and I was using the VAL, the one with a built-in suppressor. And some body armor, god knows you’ll need it to carry the weight of those bots.

To Recap

Open Fire command, Book It to the evac, run around the hill like some blood-thirsty leprechaun, pray that enemy AI will think that you are actually taking fight to them in the river area (I think it messes with their AI, and it cancels their command to approach the fallen log entrance if they spot you taking the ffight to them from the opposite entrance to the evac area).

Alternative Tips

You can completed it with this tactic:

First, defend the helicopter position, tell someone to pick up Nickol and rush through left side of the map while killing everyone, on evac point send Armstrong(and nickol if he’s fine) to the shoreline where the boat will stop to evac you, then just check left side for 3 waves, check right side for 1-2 waves and evac. Also use M249 (or using RPD since you playing as a Russian soldier).

Another tactic

At the start rush to the crash site as soon as you are finished with defending press M and then guide ur guys with the take cover command (Press Alt on desired Location) to the log by the evac side then the ai moves to evac with you.

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  1. есть трюк, который позволит вам пройти уровень намного легче, особенно если вы как и я играете на сложности реализм (в этой миссии это просто жесть, кто играл тот знает). Так вот, после обнаружения выживших и отбития атаки ботов у вертолета прикажите ходячему пилоту взять на закорки неходячего, перейдите в режим беспилотника и выделив пилота отправьте его прямо на точку эвакуации, они убегут и на них никто нападать будет (естественно до этого дайте команде приказ держаться возле вас (использовать общие приказы для всей команды нельзя, так как пилоты будут обратно прибегать на точку :)), так вы гарантированно спасете обоих пилотов и сможете сосредоточиться только на отстреле ботов, это реально упрощает дело.

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