Thymesia – Easy Way to Get Rolling Required Ahead Achievement

An easy way to get the achievement “Rolling Required Ahead” using Save Editors.

The “Intended” Way

The “intended” method to get this achievement is at the 3rd Beacon in the first mission of Hermes Fortress, after the Twin Swords Mini-Boss. Near that beacon is a set of 10 barrels that can be easily broken in 15 or so seconds… though this can take upwards of half an hour since the game on PC is bugged and won’t always count the barrels.

Instead there’s another way…

The “Other” Way

A much, much, much faster is to use save editing.

In order to do this, at least on Windows:

  • Close Thymesia.
  • Navigate to save file, located at C:\Users\UsernameHere\AppData\Local\PlagueProject\Saved\SaveGames\random-string-of-number\Playersave1.sav
  • Username Here is your Windows account name, random-string-of-numbers is a folder name and I’m not sure if it changes for different people.
  • Then copy that save file onto this website.
  • CTRL-F “NumBarrelsBreaked” Then Double Click the number after it and change it to 999.
  • Download the save file, and replace the original in the folder with this modified file.
  • Open Thymesia, then break some barrels and the achievement should appear with no farming at all.

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