Tkium Underground – Escape Tips

This guide gives you the main tips to escape in one try! It is made for every difficulty.

Tips to Escape


Hello! Welcome to an escape guide for the game Tkium Underground!

In here, we will learn the basics, and discover tips to escape more easily.

This guide can contain spoilers. Only read it if you are really lost.

Basic Information

First of all, you will need to understand how the game works. It is very simple.

You have an objective written at the top right hand corner of your screen. You can see “Escape the area”, with 3 lines. The objects written are what you need to find.


  • You have to activate 6 levers. These are the easiest objects to find for your objective. You can find them on walls, usually dead ends.
  • Once you find one, move your mouse to it while being close enough. You’ll see an interaction prompt. Follow what is written to activate it.
  • And here we go! You have activated your first lever.
  • You now need to find the 5 other ones and do the same for each.


  • Generators are less easy to find. You usually find them in dead ends.
  • It works the same as levers. You find one, interact with it, and it’ll be activated.
  • Once activated, the generators will produce black smoke and make a loud noise.


  • The last object to find is a skull. It is a brown-black small object on the floor.
  • To take it, you simply interact with it as for the other objects.
  • Once taken, it’ll disappear from the ground.


Congratulations! You have found all the objects required to open the door! You now need to find it, if you haven’t already. Once you find it, you can interact with it to escape the area.

Escape Tips

You now know the basics of the game. These are required to play the game.

We will not discover a few tips to escape more easily and in a shorter time.

Tip 1: Record yourself

  • This is not a secret. You can’t know where the entity is, why not recording yourself so you can find back your path if you die? Launch a record software, and start recording once you start the game. If you find an object, your path will be recorded.

Tip 2: Save your stamina

  • Why running if the entity is not chasing you? You need to save your stamina to be prepared if you are suddenly chased. The entity is slow (depending on your difficulty), but can easily kill you if you do not run.

Tip 3: Remember your path

  • You do not need to waste time going back because you don’t know where you are. Walking in circle is the worst feeling, and possible in this game. Remember tunnels you already explored.

Tip 4: Be aware of dead ends

  • You can easily find yourself in a dead end.
  • Indeed, you have more chances finding an object, but you can’t escape the monster in one. Make sure you are not chased before. If you find yourself in and there is nothing interesting, get out of it quickly!

There are many other tips you can use to escape, but these are the main ones.


There are many tips you can use to escape. Some of them can be time savers, others life savers.
You will most certainly die for a few rounds, and that’s okay! You will understand better and better the game, remember paths and avoid more easily the entity.

Good luck!

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