To The Rescue! – Beginners Guide (How to Start)

Tips on starting your shelter and running it smoothly as fast as possible.

How to Run Your Shelter Efficiently


Hello, and welcome to this quick guide on how to run your shelter!

Those are just some tips I acquired playing the demo and the start of the game, but I hope they can help people to enjoy the game to it’s fullest!

Be warned tho that this guide cointains spoilers!

General Tips

Now let’s dive right into it with the tips I have for general gameplay! I’ll also have some tips for the skill tree down below in another section

Starting tips

First, don’t worry too much about the Sunny paws shelter, it’s a tutorial to get you used to the game, you don’t have to make sure that every dog is perfectly cared for, just take this time to get used to the controls and the mechanics

After two days, you’ll get into the real game, with your very own shelter! You start out with 5 dogs, they always have the same traits and start with the bars full so you don’t have to worry about food and water yet, what I advise you to do first when you get your shelter is to go on your pc.

You’ll have to buy kennels firstly, so go in build mode and buy 10, so you have extra room ready for new pups! Place them near to the doors at first, since you don’t move very fast you’ll gain a bit of time to give food and water in early game, every second counts!

Second, go to riberta’s pet emporium and buy:

  1. One more pocket, it may seem like a big investment since it’s 250 coins but it’s really worth it and will speed you up.
  2. Buy 5 of each food, to settle you nicely, it doesn’t cost much so it’s okay and you won’t fret too much about food right away.
  3. Buy 3 of each vaccines, and that is the most important tip I have:

Fully vaccinate all your dogs (if you can)

This is what really got me to boost my adoptions, it may seem counter-intuitive since vaccines cost a lot of money but believe me it’s what will get you on top in a short time.

It’s important to know that when you fully vaccinate a dog, they gain 1 star, which may not seem much, but if you think about the adoption process and do some quick maths, you’ll realise that if every dog you present to a potential adopter as 1 more star, it’s 5 more stars in the end which is like a 6th dog presented and believe me it makes the whole difference.

Combined with the persuasion and emphasize traits in the skill tree (that I’ll talk about in the other section), I had an adoption rate close to 100%, even with adopters that didn’t have a lot of willingness.

Though I would advise you to be careful with how you use the persuasion, it’s bugged atm so I wouldn’t recommend to take it for the moment, plus it cost a bit of your reputation, and I saw on barkbook that an adopter I persuaded was regretting their decision so I advise you a bit of caution using it.

But most of the time, with only vaccinated dogs I can get to an adoption easily without needing persuasion or emphasize traits.

If you’re wondering about the financial cost of vaccinating all your dogs, I’d say to not worry too much.

  • Firstly, when you fully vaccinate dogs for the first times, you’ll quickly get a lot of milestones related to vaccination that will give you a lot of coins.
  • Secondly, as I said before, vaccinating your dogs lead to more adoptions, more adoptions lead to more money earned. Plus, though I have to verify my claims, I believe that fully vaccinated dogs that get adopted earn you more money than non-vaccinated dogs, but I’m not too sure about this for the moment though I strongly believe it seems like it.
  • Thirdly, since you have more adoptions, you’ll have a better reputation, and a bette reputation leads to even more adoptions and more donations: so all in all, more money.

For the moment, I’ve had no problems financially and even the contrary, I had a really stable income with this tip. I’ll admit I created a guide mostly for this, because I believe it’s a really strong way to have a stable kennel.

Now, I have some other tips too that can get you to gain a bit more time or money, so here we go:

  • Don’t hesitate to buy Riberta’s mystery boxes, I believe they are always worth it, either earning you 500 coins (so 400 if you substract the cost of the box) or one time I had 3 vaccines of each time in one box, so it can help you with the big tip about vaccinated dogs. You can also get Riberta as a playable character, that you can chose in the gameplay settings.
  • When you’re running around either bathing dogs or choosing dogs for adoptions, try to always have the pooper scooper in hand, this way when you get past the kennels you can go for a quick scoop, gaining more time, and time is money!
  • When vaccinating your dogs, try to have your hands free so you can take 3 vaccines at once, and vaccinate quickly your dogs , once again time management is essential, you wan’t to gain every little second you can
  • This I’ll detail more in the other section, but try to build bigger kennel faster, since you can have adoptions quickier, sometimes you’ll settle dogs in kennel but they won’t eat and you’ll have a kennel with a specific type of food, and if you’re unlucky you won’t get a dog that likes this food before a long time. By having bigger kennels, you can have 1 for each type of food and settle dogs here, but if they get adopted right away and don’t eat it’s alright because it’s more room for dogs of the same type if they have to come, I hope it makes sense but anyway the tip would be: 1 big kennel for each type of food
  • If you have dogs to bathe but a billion other things to do, you can put a dog in the bathtub, scrub it once and then leave them here and do something else, they’ll get cleaned tho it’ll be slow but you can do other things when they are getting cleaned, like vaccinating dogs!


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