Toilet Chronicles – Guide to Exit Door Secret Code

Here is a small guide that will help you to find numbers for a code lock on the exit door. Guide contains spoilers.

How to Find Numbers for Secret Code

Blue number

  • On a Polaroid photo card.

Orange number

  • On your loading screen each time you restart the level.

Pink number

  • On the wall, behind the “War criminal” poster.

Left click to disrupt the poster.

Green number

  • On the skull of the skeleton and on the picture he holds.

Yellow number

  • On the wall of the dark toilet stall in ladies’ room.

You have to light the wall using Polaroid camera flash.

Red number

  • On the wall of the toilet stall with lots of red graffiti numbers in ladies’ room.

You have to look through a clock to find this number.

The code

So, this is the final code:

  • 2 6 5 9 1 8

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