ToruTaru – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to get all the achievements in ToruTaru.

How to Obtain All Achievements

It Begins

  • Complete one floor of the mansion

First floor of many, pick up the key from the floor and find the door.

The Mansion Of Legend

  • Look up Torutaru on the internet

After the dialogue on the cell phone you need to walk to the computer click mouse left for open on the website about the Manor.

Dear Diary

  • Find a piece of paper with someone’s thoughts written on it

Some floors will have written sheets of people’s thoughts, just crouch to read.


  • Hide in a closet

In the mansion some rooms will have closets to hide, just crouch and the door will close, being safe for a while.

I’ve Missed You

  • Find your love in the mansion

Find the girl you like, in a room randomly during the game, when you get close to her she will start to go along with you.


  • Discover a zombie in a closet

Some of the lockers can spawn a zombie inside, when you open it and one appears you will receive the achievement.


  • Draw a lot on your map

That’s it! Draw a lot on your map. Mark places with things, or just doodling.


  • Finish a floor in under 10 seconds without using a travel talisman

Some floors are really fast, you will easily manage to find a key next to the door at some point.

Sick Infinity

  • You’ve been unfortunately attacked by the Sick Infinity

Usually found easier by the gorekeeper floor, it’s a ghost that causes confusion on the camera and turn the map red.

Awesome Intro Done Quick

  • Complete the intro in less than 314 seconds

Quickly skipping the dialogue and heading straight to the mansion.


  • Take more than 10 minutes to finish a floor

Survive, hide in closets, or do whatever it takes to last.


  • You’ve been unfortunately attacked by the Procreator

Procreator is a ghost that usually hides in a room in a dark form, when you get close it will reveal itself, also spawning other ghosts to attack you.

Binge Watcher

  • Turn on 10 TVs

Go near 10 televisions to turn them on.


  • Become captured by the Gorekeeper

Gorekeeper is a ghost that has a dark form until you approach it, if he catches you will be teleported to his special floor.

Uninvited Guest

  • Disturb 100 spirits

Disturb 100 ghosts, get close or make them attack you.

Bad Breakup

  • Love has been taken by the mansion

After a while around ghosts or entering lockers without her the ghosts can possess her, causing her to attack you.

Gosh Darn Electric Bill

  • Turn on 100 lamps

Go near 100 lamps to turn them on, they also help ward off some ghosts.


  • Ascend 100 total floors

Reach a total of 100 floors to receive the achievement.


  • Finished a level while somehow keeping a warp talisman

One trick, use the talisman to go to the next floor and crouch on another talisman to pick it up and take it to the next level.


  • Use 100 talismans

During your attempts use a total of 100 talismans.

Spoiler Alert

  • You already knew.

When the cell phone conversation gets to the part where she asks you if you know where she is, you answer “mansion”.

Dolphin Trick

  • Recall through an exit door to complete a floor

Use the return talisman on the exit door, get the key and then activate the return and you will automatically go to the next floor.

I Hear It In My Nightmares

  • Attempt to open 1000 locked doors

Walk up to 1000 locked doors.


  • Reach floor 50

Reach the 50th floor to receive the achievement.

The Thoughts Of The Tormented

  • Find 50 pieces of paper with peoples’ thoughts on them

Find a total of 50 sheets with thoughts of people trapped in the mansion.

A Day In His Belly

  • A Day In His Belly

Play a total of 24 hours within the game, you can check in Status on Main Menu.

Take Me Back

  • Recall 10 times

Use 10 recall talisman.


  • Reach floor 100

Reach the 100th floor to receive the achievement.


  • Reach floor 150

Reach the 150th floor to receive the achievement.


  • Reach floor 200

Reach the 200th floor to receive the achievement.

Jaded Explorer

  • Ascend 1000 total floors of the mansion

Reach a total of 1000 floors to receive the achievement. You can check your progress at main menu on Status.


  • Do 50 favors for other people

Some people in the mansion will ask you to look for an item on the floor to deliver them, when you deliver you will receive something. You can also check your progress at main menu on Status.


  • Find a pair of glasses.
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