Total Conflict: Resistance – How to Defeat a Vehicles

Tips to Defeat Vehicles

Tips to Destroy

Vehicles are can be destroyed by RPGs (I successfuly done it many times manually) and currently RPGs are very powerful (you can easy oneshot tank if you luck enought).

Bots use it from very small distance (50-100 meters as I see), vehicles have much bigger distance from which they start shooting, so on flat land RPG mans have no chance to come close enought to shoot. But you can do it manually (Currently it’s sucs because aim have no distance settings, and RPG trajectory is very sensitive to distance/gravity).

How to Switch Between Weapons

Unfortunately game has very counterintuitive (counter-UX) controls.

To switch between RPG/Main Weapon press T.

Bonus Tips

On right-bottom corner of screen you have indncation with your HP, ammo and firemode (auto/semi and etc). If you have RPG there will be also “RPG” text next after firemode text. if there is no such text – unit have no RPG.

You don’t need to kill each enemy to win battle. So if enemy have only one vehicle (maybe two) you have chance to kill other soldiers and win battle without destroying vehicle (and got it as trophy).

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