Total War: Empire – Definitive Edition – How to Create Colonial States

Have you ever wanted to create a colonial state such as New Spain or Louisian or the 13 Colonies, but your nation can’t set them up as they are Sweden, the United Province, or Prussia? Worry not! I shall show you how to create vassal puppet states to bankroll your empirical ambitions!

Guide to Create Colonial States

Setting Up your Puppet State

Now this is the most hassle, in order to set up your puppet state, you’re going to have to use the second least used feature in the diplomacy menu, only just above present state gift. It is the…

Demand Vassalisation button

Why is it so underused? Why hasn’t someone done it before? Why are you so handsome Mr guidecreator? Well, Jimmy, the reason why is simple, the AI never accepts these unless you’ve broken down their door, and place a musket to their head and force them to beg for their life when you’ve surrounded their last holding and they’re about to die. And even then they usually ask you to pull the trigger.

However, with the right amount of determination, eventually they will give in to your demands. Congratulations! You now have a vassal state!

Benefits of Having a Puppet

With your new-found best friend, you are able to feed them surrounding territory to make them very healthy and strong. With your new-found puppet you can access the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed trade partner.
  • Buffer state against unwanted enemy expansion.
  • Friendship!
  • Pretty Map Colours.
  • Border gore! (If you’re a sick, twisted individual).

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