Total War: Warhammer III – How to Survive and Win in The Kislev Campaign

Guide On How to Survive and Win in The Kislev Campaign

I currently have more than 100h of gameplay just with the Kisleve faction, I learned a lot and my last campaign is going very well, I have more than 20 provinces, 4 good armies and two souls, currently I’m rushing and preventing other factions from getting the 4 souls.

Let’s go to the tips!

  • 1. Avoid confederating too soon: It can be tempting to confederate as soon as the Kislev factions allow it, but most of the time you won’t have an army to defend such regions, it’s best to let these factions defend themselves while you use it as a buffer state. , when you see that they are starting to fall, then you confederate.
  • 2. You will need to defend several places at the same time, apart from having an army to invade or close the portals, in the beginning you will not be able to have good armies, armies purely made of Kossars (the archer version without spears) is the best unit you can have , added the bonus from research and general bonuses, they can easily reach almost 50 defense. There is also a patriarch hero that gives 5 more defense.
  • 3. When you have a little more money, exchange some kossars for armored korrares with great weapons, they will be your new frontline, when you have a little more money, replace some kossars with bear sleds.

Do not underestimate this sled unit with bears, my strategy with them is as follows, I hide all my army in some forest, then I use them as a skirmish until they use up all the ammunition, in that moment you already kill the enemy lord and the most problematic units, they are so strong that you can even run over enemies without stopping. After the ammunition ran out, I take them straight to my hidden army, when the enemies are heading towards my army, already in the shooting area, I keep passing with the sleds and killing them. It’s a real massacre. You will only have problems using the sleds with the ogres.

  • 4. In the northern region, do not expand too much. Conquer the Eastern Oblast region, build garrisons in all cities, one of the cities blocks a path and leave another unit in ambush at the other entrance. Even so, you will have problems, sometimes 3-4 armies will come. Never take that army out of this region.
  • 5. Deal with the Pit Hell early, usually I conquer the Oblast provinces, let them be run by the Kislev faction there, then I make a second army and take both armies to Pit Hell, conquer this city before it grows too big.
  • 6. Doesn’t confederete the Edengrad faction, let them deal with the chaos at first, at this point you’ll have two armies, take leave one defending the north and take the other to the ogres, stop them from growing while they’re still small, but don’t do it this with the portals in your lands, in the beginning it’s easy to close them, apart from that they make good money in battles. With ogres it’s better to use spear kossars, but when you have the money, make an Ice Guard with Glaives army, you’ll obliterate them.
  • 7. At some point the Erengrad faction will start to fall, at that moment confederate with them and make a third army, use it to defend that region.
  • 8. Try to get 50 followers before your rival. Then stay forward, but you don’t need to rush.
  • 9. Hope the dwarves on your side don’t die too soon, otherwise you won’t have an army to defend these provinces
  • 10. The vampires may or may not grow, in my experience they have a hard time expanding fast, I tried to conquer them but with an army I couldn’t do that, and you can’t take the northern army for this conquest. But if you see the opportunity, conquer them before they become a problem.
  • 11. At this point in the game you will still have a lot of difficulty, especially with the Exiles of Korne, the legendary lord sometimes ignores all provinces, armies and anything, and goes straight to Kislev to take down your city, be sure to make walls in your cities .
  • 12. With the army that is conquering the Ogres, try to enter the portals to get the souls and stop the other lords from doing the same.

Good luck to all of you, you will need it.

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