Total War: Warhammer III – How to Win with Festus in Immortal Empire Easy

10 Steps to Win with Festus in Immortal Empire

Detailed Method

  1. Recruit the turn 1 doggos.
  2. Attack the Hochenland army. Bubble all the units together, make Festus heal them and advance. Use the doggos to kill the mortars. Then head to the nearby city.
  3. Bubble time.
  4. Ignore filthy humans and march north. Get to Norsca. Attack Skaelings. Vassalize Skaelings. Use step 3.
  5. Vassalize all Norscans before they confederate each other. 5 weak vassals means 10 armies. 1 mighty vassal means 2 army. Learn math. If in trouble, refer to step 3.
  6. Betray Bel’akor and take his settlement and his vassal. Do the same for Azazel.
  7. More vassals.
  8. Upgrade to chosen of Nurgle, with some Knigts and the green Giant. And make Samuel stinky, so he can also heal. There’s never enough healing anyway.
  9. Refer to step 7.
  10. Conquer the world before your vassals do. Don’t forget to use step 3.

Quick Method

Use steps 3 and 7 from the precedent method.

Also works for RoC, you just need to start at step 3.

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