Total War: Warhammer III – Tips for Noobs

Tips For Someone Who Has Never Played These Games…

I advise you to start by playing an easy campaign like the Empire, the Dwarfs can seem easy because you can have a great economy by mid to late game, but that requires some knowledge of the game, and the Dwarven early game is pretty rough as you are surrounded by Greenskins most of the time.

Greenskins are fun if you like the playstyle of rushing down the enemy and pillaging the settlements, the Vampire counts are strong but definitely not newbie friendly as they tend to rely heavily on their lords and heroes, which a newbie can easily forget in the midst of a battle.

Also if you like the game and planning on buying DLC’s i would suggest to wait for a sale, Game 1 DLC’s sales are cheap also couple advices for the DLC’s:

  • 1. Warriors of Chaos are rubbish right now, do not buy them, the most boring faction to play (and its coming from a long term Chaos fan and player)
  • 2. Beastmen are pretty fun right now, they have a weird mechanic where they have very few settlements but can establish temporary bases anywhere, and are a low armored rushdown type of faction.
  • 3. Wood Elves are like the Elves of Lothlorien or Woodland Realm equivalent for Warhammer, strong archers and fast, hit & run gameplay, but low armor so a bit tricky if you get catched. Also their expansion is limited because they love trees too much…. so not the best faction to do a world conquest with.
  • 4. Grim & the Grave Lord Pack is good if you liked the gameplay of the Empire and/or Vampire Counts, but their units are not exceptionnal, so get it on sale, its not worth it at full price, also the Vampire lord in it is slow and boring.
  • 5. The King & the Warlord DLC is a better Lord Pack but there is a catch in it, when you start the campaign with either one of the two Lords in the pack you will have a sort of narrated campaign where you have to travel a part of the map to siege a specific settlement, you start with debuffs that only go when you conquer said settlement. Good DLC with fun Lords and gameplay but the campaign is harder than the usual.
  • 6. Norsca is like Warriors of Chaos that traded the armor for a fun campaign, a rush down faction, with monsters that looks very cool (the chaos war mammoth and the ice trolls comes to mind), they are a bit restricted in terms of expansion and have a weak economy, but you’ll get rich by playing the Viking raider and they have Monster hunting quests that can unlock unique monsters throughout the campaign. With the Beastmen they are some of the best faction DLC’s to get.

Also, while in battle, do not forget to turn Pause so you can micro your units properly, i remember when i started playing, i was always zooming and watching one part of the battle, not realising that i was getting flanked and encircled, watch out for that!

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