Total War: Warhammer III – Unlocking Ulrika Guide

How to Unlock Urika

Linking Your CA Account

Before you can start doing anything in the game, you need to link your Steam accounts and Total War Access. If you’ve claimed any of the previous site-side FLC before now you likely already have an account and may just have to login to refresh the link between Steam/CA, if you’ve never done this before you will need an account for this FLC.

I know I saw people complaining about this but c’mon, it takes 5 minutes, I’ve not had anything from CA but Warhammer 3 related DLC emails so I doubt they’ll sell your information to shady people and spam you. I’ve been signed up since Warhammer 1 and not had an issue, you will also get a lot of other free cool content for various races. Now my shilling for CA is done let’s continue this guide!

Unlocking Ulrika

Finally let’s get down to brass tacks. To unlock Ulrika it’s best if you start up a campaign as Karl Franz, but this should work with any faction which is Empire or Kislev aligned.

What you need to finish the questline is:

  • A level 11-13 Lord.
  • Tier 2 Walls.
  • 15,000 Gold.
  1. Using your capital start making walls, aiming to get them to level 2 to prepare for step 2 of the quest.
  2. Get Karl Franz to level 11-13 (It seems the mission will proc anywhere within that range).
  3. As soon as Karl meets the requirement you will begin the questline and be tasked with building level 2 walls, if you’ve prepared already in Altdorf (for example) this should be easily completed within 1/2 turns of this step.
  4. One turn after the completion of your level 2 walls you will be met with the second step of the quest, this will task you with having a treasury with 15,000 gold. Try to focus economy buildings in your starting region and perform sacking raids on enemies around you to maximise how much gold you get. Also try to avoid recruiting or expending money as best you can (Use influence if events make you choose between money or influence).
  5. A turn after reaching your 15,000 total treasury you will be given the final dilemna, this will be to recruit her or kill her. Make sure to recruit her first time otherwise you will not unlock her and will have to do this all again to unlock, the killing option will just provide you some faction bonuses.

Congratulations, you now have Ulrika Magdova unlocked! You may have to restart for her to display correctly in battles.

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  1. Aight I unlocked her but she doesn’t spawn anywhere. I selected the recruit option and all that

    • Make sure they is enough room around Karl Franz army for her to spawn. I was in the mountains with armies and cities around Karl and it blocked her from spawning.

  2. How can you tell if you have the Ulrika DLC unlocked? I don’t see her in my list of DLC, even though I can see various other FLCs.

    • When you’re at the main menu, in the bottom right will be a notification saying “Unlock Ulrika: Legendary Hero” with an in game screen shot of her, that confirms she is unlockable for you and essentially “Downloaded”. It won’t come up on the list via Steam

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