Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Tribal Faction Guide

How do you use the Tribal Faction effectively and how do you counter against it. I will show you how.

Guide to Tribal Faction

How to Use Clubber

The Clubber is a cheap, versatile Club-Wielder who’s main goal is to be a distraction unit or a fighter.

The Clubber is used for situations where money is often not enough for big units. They also pack a punch when the club hits a unit. But their health is low so make sure to use this unit precisely.

They also swing their clubs slow so units like Hoplites, and Sarissas can destroy Clubbers. But the Hoplites and Sarissas might also die due to being outnumbered.

As Shown in this screenshot. The Clubbers are fighting Skeleton Warriors. Who would win? The Clubbers or Skeleton Warriors?

The Answer is simple. The Clubbers. The Clubbers are used as a distraction unit so that smaller units will die from your units. They also outnumber the Skeletons.

How to Use Protector

The Protector is a slow, shield-wielding foe who, as it’s name suggests. Protects units from incoming projectiles. However their damage is basically the damage of a pea. But they are also cheap just like the Clubber.

The Protector is used against range-only where the shield protects the units from projectiles.

As shown in the image. The Protector is shielded by it’s wooden shield from the Chu-Ko-Nu’s Arrows.

This protects the units from the back.

So use this against a level where range units exist. And I dont recommend to use shield agaisnt a level with melee only.

How to Use Spear Thrower

The Spear Thrower is a unit that throws spears. They deal a lot of damage, but is held back by it’s slow cooldown. So you might need to use this to help other units fight. Be careful as it friendly fires if it goes to an ally.

The Spear Throwers aren’t recommended when a unit has Shields or a Shield protects the units.

Here in this screenshot. The Spear Throwers throw their spears at the units. There is not much to say about the Spear Thrower since It’s pretty simple.

How to Use Stoner

The Stoner wields a rock which they use to throw at units at slow speed. They also deal high damage but just like the Spear Throwers. Are held back by their slow attack rate. The Stoner is used for crowd control against Halflings or Farmers. They deal high damage too, So distraction units will be a great ally with this unit.

The Stoner’s Rock cannot be deflected. This can be useful against Samurais.

As shown in this image, The Stoners throws their rocks at the Clubbers. Dealing massive damage to the clubbers, aswell as destroying a portion of the army.

How to Use Bone Mage

The Bone Mage is almost to be looking like a shaman. The Bone Mage wields a Staff that has a of what seems to be a Raptor Skull on top of the staff with Antlers on the Skull. The same thing also happens to the Bone Mage wearing the same things as the Skull.

The Bone Mage is used for crowd control. Since the spikes it makes deal high damage to small units. as well as make the surviving units fly for a short period of time.

They also cannot be blocked as well. Making it good against Shields and Samurais.

As you can see in this Screenshot, The Bone Mages conjures spikes coming from the ground. Damaging the Shield Bearers and finally. Killing the Shield Bearers.

Use this against Walls that ranged units cant pierce through.

How to Use Chieftain

The Chieftain wears a Raptor Skull with 2 more on it’s shoulders as shoulder guards. They wield 2 Stone Axes that deal high damage and attack fast. Making the best unit against Melee-Only Units.

The Chieftain cannot be stopped by Melee Units at it will mow them down like a lawnmower. Destroying them with ease. But the Chieftain’s Weakness is Ranged Units. Since he moves at an less average speed. He has high health to kill a lot of Melee Units. But this doesn’t stop the power of Ranged Units.

As shown in this Screenshot. The Chieftain Mows down the Skeleton army with ease. Destroying them with their stone axes.

This is a Melee Boss Killer. For most of you who like to name the Chieftain.

How to Use The Mammoth

The Mammoth is followed by the now extinct Mammoth. It has 2 long tusks near where the trunk is. The Mammoth’s skin is brown followed with hair on it’s head. They also have marks on it’s legs or trunk. They can be either be Red, or Blue.

The Mammoth has very high health, Which charges at an army. It’s main damage is from it’s Legs. Where the feet stomp the ground. Causing nearby Units to take damage.

This is used also for crowd control. Since it has very high health and AOE.

In this Screenshot. The Mammoth is getting hunted by Clubbers, Spear Throwers, and Protectors.

This is a Boss Unit, Where a unit has high cost, high damage, high stats or etc. They are not OP though.

How to Counter All 7 Tribal Units

  1. The Clubber.

The Hoplites are pretty good at damaging these Club Wielding Maniacs.

Ranged Units like Archers and Ice Archers are very good against those Clubbers.

  1. The Protector.

Melee Units are very good against The Protector.

  1. The Spear Thrower.

Using Shield Units like Protectors And Shield Bearers can be a great way to dealing with Spear Throwers.

  1. The Stoner.

Distraction Units can be a great unit for your army to destroy the Stoners.

  1. The Bone Mage.

Using the same strat from the 4th Unit.

  1. The Chieftain.

Using Ranged Units can destroy the Chieftains with ease.

  1. The Mammoth.

Using the same strat from the 6th Unit.

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