Tower of Fantasy – Tips for Joint Operation Runs

If you feel ever useless because of the element resistance and dumb in Joint Operation Runs then you came to the right place. I’m here to teach you the basics!

Joint Operation Runs

Step #1: Always Check Resistance

So every joint operation runs there will be different types of resistance like this one so if you’re a volt main then this joint operation is not for you but if you’re a frost main and flame main then you should skip this guide.

Step #2: Match Settings

So you’re a volt main right then what should you do next is goto your character > weapons > click the match settings on the top right > select benediction.

So this match settings thingy defines that you will use that role others don’t follow this thing because they’re dumb but this thing is so important because its your role duh.

Step #3: Change Your Weapons

Change your weapons to 2 healer weapons then you will have this resonance this resonance is so powerful that you useless player who has resistance on the joint operation run can be useful now.

Step #4: Done

Now you know how to be useful to your teammates in joint operation runs this game is in a 3 month now so pls go learn the game better and if you have good gears just make a second element so you can be carry on every joint operation run.

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  1. nice guide, but if your basic damage around 500k – 1000k, 50 – 65 Resistance in Joint Operation its feel nothing you can still carry people with 1 single element.

    • Welp only whales can do that and some ppl with luck in RNG stats i guess this guide is for ppl who has bad luck on stats xD
      but the cons on that is you will finish JO 8 Slowly because they’re using resist weapons i remember when i was dumb before i used a frost weapon on a volt main JO i carried but the time run out lol the 2nd dps sux too

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