Town of Salem 2 – Evil Ahoy: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing as the Lookout

An all-encompassing resource designed to assist players in mastering the Lookout role in Town of Salem. It presents an in-depth understanding of the role’s capabilities and limitations, outlines key strategies for effective play, and provides a log template to help you keep track of nightly observations. Furthermore, the guide offers tips for masquerading as a Lookout for players playing an evil role. It’s a useful guide for both beginners and seasoned players alike, offering insightful advice and practical tools to elevate your Lookout gameplay.

Lookout Role Guide

Understanding the Lookout Role

As a Lookout, you’re the Town’s eagle-eyed sentinel, capable of seeing who visits your target each night. Your ability can prove vital in discovering who might be friends or foes. While you don’t directly engage with your target (your visit is Astral), your observations can influence the Town’s decisions and suspicions.

Understanding Your Limitations

As powerful as your ability may seem, it has its limitations. You’re unable to see roles that perform Astral visits, meaning you can’t identify all roles that interact with your target. Additionally, since your visit is also Astral, you are immune to roles that affect visitors, such as the Veteran.

Making the Most of Your Observations

The crux of playing Lookout successfully is knowing when and who to watch. Some tactics include watching confirmed Town roles or suspicious individuals. Remember, context matters. If a player is confirmed as Town, they’re a likely target for evil roles. Conversely, if someone is acting suspiciously, they may receive visits from other investigative roles or protective ones.

Sharing Information

Timely and effective communication is key for the Lookout. Sharing your findings with the Town can lead to critical lynching decisions. However, timing is important – revealing too much too soon may make you a target.

Collaborating with Other Roles

As Lookout, it’s essential to work in tandem with other Town Investigative roles. For example, information from Sheriffs, Investigators, and Psychics can supplement your observations. Collaborative efforts can help narrow down suspects and confirm roles faster.

Dealing with Illusionists and Enchanters

While not directly affected by Illusionists and Enchanters, their influence can complicate your findings. For instance, an Enchanter can make a good role appear as an evil one to visiting Sheriffs or Investigators. Consider their potential impact and take it into account when evaluating your observations.

Lookout’s Game Log Template

Keeping a game log as a Lookout is crucial. Here’s a simple template:

  • D1:
  • Observations:
  • N1:
  • Watched Target:
  • Visitors:
  • D2:
  • Observations:
  • N2:
  • Watched Target:
  • Visitors:

Repeat this pattern for each day and night, and remember to update your observations accordingly. Detailed logs can help you and the Town keep track of actions and identify patterns more effectively.

Strategies for Masquerading as a Lookout

If you’re an evil role looking to disguise yourself as a Lookout, consider these strategies:

Understand the Lookout Role: Knowing the intricacies of the Lookout role is crucial to convincingly masquerade as one.

Pick Your Targets Wisely: If you claim to have watched a player who was visited, your claim may be called into question.

Coordinate Your Claims: Try to align your claims with the actions of other players. If another player admits to visiting your claimed target, it could lend credibility to your claim.

Be Cautious with Information: Giving out too much false information can draw suspicion. It’s often better to keep your lies simple and believable.

Remember, the key to a successful deception lies in blending in, sharing plausible information, and effectively managing suspicions.

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