TRAHA Global – Arena Guide

What is the Arena?

Traha who have reached a level of 20 or higher may battle in the arena.

Arena matches take place in real-time. There are two arenas: the Trial Arena and Team Arena.

Queueing and Access

If you meet the entry requirements, you can begin matchmaking as long as you are not queued for any other content. If matchmaking is completed while your character is dead, you will still enter the arena alive.

The arena is only available at certain times.

Arena Queue UI

  1. Basic Arena Information: Shows basic information about how the arenas function
  2. Arena Information: View your arena rank, number of wins, and rewards.
  3. View Ranking: Shortcut to the Arena Rankings window
  4. Reward Info: Shows point requirements and rewards for each arena rank

Match Rules

Basic Rules

  • One round of combat will take place.
  • The match will end 4 minutes after the start.
  • After a certain period of time has passed since the start of the match, lava will flow into the stadium.
  • Potions, familiars, and resurrection cannot be used in the arena.
  • Buffs acquired from outside the arena do not apply. (Some event buffs are excluded)

Victory Conditions

  • The opponent’s HP is reduced to 0.
  • The opponent leaves the arena.
  • When the match timer runs out, your remaining HP is higher than the opponent’s.

Draw Conditions

  • When the match timer runs out and both sides have equal HP remaining. Draws will be considered invalid and will not be recorded.


Each season begins on the first day of each month and ends on the last day of each month. Scores from the previous seasons will be reflected in the following season. Your rewards will be based on the rank and tier you achieved in the previous season.

At the beginning of a new season, all arena combatants will be assigned 10 placement matches. These matches affect your ranking much more than regular matches and must be completed in order to receive season rewards.


Victory Rewards

These are the rewards earned for winning in the arena. They are calculated based on your rank.

Victory rewards are obtained automatically at the end of the match, with a maximum of 10 per day.

Season Rewards

In order to receive season rewards, you must have completed your 10 placement matches in the previous season. Seasonal rewards are available upon the end of a season into the next season.

Titles are awarded based on the tier achieved in the previous season. To obtain titles, specific achievements must be completed. Rewards are paid out based on tiers.

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