TRAHA Global – Currencies Guide

Currencies in Traha Global

In the world of Traha, the 3 main currencies are gold, diamonds, and service medals, plus many other miscellaneous currencies.

You can check the currencies you have at the bottom of the menu.


Gold is the basic currency used in Traha’s content overall. There are many different ways to acquire and use gold. Gold is acquired from quests, monster drops, event and achievement rewards, and more. It is used to purchase items from shops, to upgrade equipment and the core, etc.


Along with gold, diamonds are one of Traha’s main currencies. Diamonds are mainly acquired through cash purchases or as PVP season rewards. They are used when purchasing items from the game shop, summoning spirit cards, and more.

Service Medals

Service medals are a currency that can be obtained through PVP content.  Service medals can be acquired based on your war supply contributions or faction points earned in battlegrounds. The amount of service medals you receive is calculated as faction points/100 (no decimals).

Service medals can be used in the Faction Store, where the list of rewards is updated monthly.

Platinum Coins

Platinum coins can be obtained from daily quests, dungeon rewards, field boss rewards, and more.  You can summon pets and familiars from the Summon Store using platinum coins.

Mark of Valor

Marks of Valor can be obtained from guild activity rewards and guild ranking season rewards.  You can use them to buy items from the Guild Shop. You cannot accumulate Marks of Valor if you are not a member of a guild.

Royal Badges

Royal Badges are a currency rewarded from Kingdom Quests. They can be redeemed in the Royal Shop for various rewards.

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