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What is Daily Activity?

You can earn various personal and guild rewards for various in-game activities such as defeating monsters and acquiring gold. The types of activities are fixed. Upon completing an activity, you will receive points to level up your daily pass as well as additional rewards like platinum coins. If you are a member of a guild, your guild will also receive fame and experience.

  1. Pass Level: If you earn a certain amount of activity points, your pass level will go up and you can get various rewards. Pass level is only maintained for a certain period of time, after which the level and rewards will be reset.
  2. Mission Details: Shows the details and progress of each daily mission to be completed.
  3. Personal Rewards: Shows the rewards you receive for completing the mission.
  4. Guild Rewards: Shows the rewards your guild will receive when you complete the mission.

Daily Activity is reset daily at 05:00. If you do not complete some activities, you can use diamonds to complete that activity immediately. When completing activities immediately using diamonds, you will receive the rewards right away.

Daily Activity Rewards

Basic rewards can be obtained by getting enough daily activity points to get to the next pass level.

  1. Level Reward: You can receive basic pass rewards based on your current pass level here.
  2. Level Up: You can use a set amount of diamonds to automatically bring your pass to the next level.
  3. Receive All: Claim all rewards that you can currently receive.

Special Pass

The special pass is a cash shop item that grants additional rewards that are better than those from the basic pass. You can claim extra rewards for the month you have purchased the pass for.

  1. Additional Rewards: Touch to claim additional rewards from the special pass.
  2. Special Pass Offer: Touch to go to the cash shop to purchase additional rewards.
  3. Pass Reset Time: Both normal and special passes reset to level 1 on the first day of each month.
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