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Engravings bestow power upon a chosen costume item. You can add a variety of different attributes to costumes by using different scrolls to apply engravings. The number of engravings you can apply to an item depend on the type and rank of the costume item.

Required Materials

Two components are required to apply an engraving: an engraving scroll and its specific materials.

Engraving Scrolls

Engraving scrolls can be crafted through professions. The type of engraving applied depends on the scroll used.

Engraving Materials

Materials are required in order to apply a desired engraving to a costume. Materials for each engraving are different, but they can be acquired though common daily activities such as professions and more. Click on the item for a detailed description and information about where to acquire it.

How to Engrave

If you have a costume, a scroll, and the materials for the desired engraving, engraving is possible.

First, select a scroll in your inventory and use it to learn the engraving.

Next, choose a costume from your inventory and press the [Engrave] button or tap [Engrave] in the [Enhance] menu.

  1. Engraving Slots: Shows the amount of engravings that can be applied on the item.
  2. Filter List: Choose to display all engravings, only acquired engravings, or only unacquired engravings in the list.
  3. Engraving List: Shows all engravings and their effects. Selecting an engraving also displays the required materials.
  4. Show Only Available: Check the box to show only engravings that you have the acquired and have the materials for.

Choose a costume item and an available engraving, then press the [Enchant] button and confirm to apply the engraving. Previous engravings disappear when new engravings are placed.

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