TRAHA Global – Familiars Guide

What are Familiars?

Familiars in Traha grant passive effects and have active skills that help in battle. There are two types of familiars: attack types that attack the enemy, and support types that heal or provide useful buffs. Familiars appear immediately after using their skills and can only be summoned again after a period of time.

Where to get Familiars

Familiars can be acquired by using platinum coins at [Menu] → [Summon Store] → [Familiar/Pet Summon] or as rewards from quests and events.

Familiar Information

You can check familiar information by going to [Menu] →[Companions] →[Familiars].

  1. Basic Information: You can view basic information such as name, level, and information about the next level (click the check box to display)
  2. Passive Effect: This effect is applied when the familiar is first acquired and added to your collection.
  3. Equip Bonus: This shows information about the effects of equipping the familiar, including the effect of summoning them, the familiar’s stats, and the stats used when calculating the familiar’s skill
  4. Level Up: You can make your familiar stronger by consuming gold and multiple copies of the same familiar
  5. Passive Effect: View the total passive effects being applied from your entire familiar collection

You can switch your equipped familiar at any time, so it’s important to change them to suit your situation.


Familiar rank is divided into 4 categories, as shown below. Higher familiar rankings mean stronger effects.


How to Summon Familiars

Pressing the familiar icon button on the right side of the screen allows you to summon the designated familiar. This button is bound to to [T] key by default. When summoned, familiars use their skills and then disappear.

They can be summoned again to help in battle after a period of time.

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