TRAHA Global – Memory Stones Guide

Memory Stones

The Traha can get lost while adventuring in vast, open areas. You can use memory stones to save specific locations!

What are Memory Stones?

These are items that allow you to record a specific location while playing or instantly travel to a recorded location.

You can record a total of 40 locations. One stone is consumed each time you use it to travel.

Where to get Memory Stones

Memory stones can be purchased with diamonds in the cash shop, from general merchants, or crafted through professions.

How to Save Locations

  1. Touch the memory stone icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Press the [Register] button and enter a name for the location.
  3. Press this icon to edit or delete your saved locations.

How to Teleport to a Saved Location

  1. Select a location from the list in the memory stone menu.
  2. Press the [Move] button to immediately travel to the selected location, consuming one stone.

You cannot travel using memory stores during combat.

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