TRAHA Global – Mounts Guide

What are Mounts?

There are various animals that help the Traha move more quickly and bolster your strength. Let your furry friends give your weary legs a break! Although they may not directly affect combat, mounts can provide passive effects as well as safely getting the Traha to their destination.

Where to get Mounts

You can get mounts when you complete specific story quests.

If you are ranked 1st-5th in your faction, you will receive a special mount that you can use until the end of the next season.

You can also get some mounts from general merchants or barter merchants.

Mount Information

  1. Basic Information: You can view basic information such as name, level, and information about the next level (click the check box to display).
  2. Passive Effect: This effect is applied when the mount is first acquired and added to your collection.
  3. Mount Movement Speed: The mount’s movement speed
  4. Mount Max Speed: The actual speed at which you will travel. This is based on the speed of the fastest mount you own.
  5. Level Up and Feed: You can make your pet stronger by consuming gold after filling up the experience bar using feed.
    • Feed used for growth can be acquired from stores and through the Cooking profession
  6. View Effects: View the total passive effects applied from all of the mounts you have collected.


Mount rank is divided into three categories, as below.


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