TRAHA Global – Skills Guide

What are Skills?

Skills are special combat techniques that are divided into 2 categories: active and passive skills. A character can equip 5 active skills, 1 special passive skill, and 3 normal passive skills at a time. Not all skills are available at the start and will be obtained as you level up.

You can enter the skill window via the skill button on the top right of the screen. The skill window allows you to check details, view previews, and equip skills. Different classes have different skills to use and equip.

Active Skills

There are a total of 5 active skill slots. Each slot has a choice of at least two skills: one basic skill and one additional effect skill.

  1. Skill Information : View the basic information (name, type) of the skill.
  2. Skill Preview: Watch a preview of the skill in action
  3. Skill Upgrade Effects: Shows upgrade effects or add-on skills that alter the selected skill.
  4. Equip : Each skill slot has several equippable skills. Touching the [Equip] button equips the selected skill in that slot.

Active skills are divided into categories by various methods of activation.

  • Active Skill: Effect occurs as soon at the button is pressed.
  • Upgrade Effect: When using the skill, additional effects apply or the skill’s effects are altered. Example – Chill (Upgrade Effect): ‘Rune of Water” (Active Skill)’ Slows the target’s movement.
  • Timing Skill: Press the button again as the yellow circle (bead) approaches the white circle (target). The closer it is to the target, the stronger the effect will be.
  • Charge Skill: The longer the button is pressed, the higher the charge level, the stronger the effect. The color of the charge gauge around the skill icon shows the level of charge.
  • Hold Skill: Press and hold the button for a period of time. The skill stops when the button is released. For certain skills, there are additional effects if the button is held until the hold gauge is full.
  • Change Skill: After using certain skills first, their slots will be temporarily replaced by the change skills. Once you have used the change skill, the slot will revert to the original skill.
  • Pop-Up Skill: Similar to change skills, a certain skill must be used first, but instead of being replaced in the slot by the new skill, a new slot appears. After using the pop-up skill, the slot will disappear.

When a character uses a skill, a resource (CP) corresponding to the class is consumed or accumulated. CP names and icons vary by class.

  • Shield: Courage
  • Greatsword: Rage
  • Dual Blade: Energy
  • Staff: Mana
  • Bow: Spirit
  • Knuckles: Chi and Chi Orbs
  • Scythe: Souls

Passive Skills

Passive skill slots consist of one special slot and three regular slots. You can freely equip skills within those slot categories.

Special Skills1 can be equipped at a time. There is a total of 4 options.
Common Skills3 can be equipped at any time. There is a of a total of 12 options.
Auto SkillsA passive skill that is automatically activated and does not need to be equipped.
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